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Asus Zenfone Mobile Service Center in Hyderabad

List of ASUS Zenfone mobile service centers in Hyderabad:

Asus authorized mobile service centers in Hyderabad, Telangana provides warranty service to wide range of Asus mobile phones, Zenfone 2/4/5/6 models. Asus has 3 mobile / smartphone service centers in Hyderabad. If you have any problem with your Asus mobile phone, kindly contact the Asus mobile service centers officials.


Asus mobile service center in Begumpet, Secunderabad
Name: Regenersis (India) Private Limited
Address: Door No 1-2-64/1/2, Nandanavanam Chambers, 2nd floor, Behind brand factory, Park lane
City: Secunderabad
State: Telangana
Pincode: 500003
Contact Number 1: 040-40048285
Timings: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

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  • My phone was time taken for full charging (min4hrs), from last 1 month, before it taken for full charging max 2hr30min, please solve this problem.

    • Hi Gangadhara Reddy, that's a strange problem. Please check if your mobile charger is in good condition. I will suggest you to only use chargers and cables provided by ASUS along with your mobile phone, don't use 3rd party chargers as it may degrade your mobile. If the problem is not solved please take your ASUS mobile to authorized service center and get it fixed.

      • HI Asus service team,
        i am facing a issue with my ASUS zenFone max , i shut down my phone yesterday afternoon and restarted . but it was not starting it just coming with it's logo and with the caption it was struck upto there.
        can you please advise me the issue with it and suggest the better solution.


    • Actually my phone strucked by every 1 hour so Wat can I do for this problem


    • Hi Shiva, please take your ASUS phone to ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed. Please carry you bills and receipts of the mobile. You can check with the ASUS service center guys whether you can claim warranty for replacing mobile display. If that's not possible you might have to pay them.

    • My zenfone 2 was became a headache for me.It gets automatically switched off & automatically switched on every 1 min.And in my mobile wifi & hotspot not getting on.due to this getting heat.what i want to do now.Please help to solve my problem.It has remaning 3 months warranty.

  • my phone touch screen glass is totally damaged & how much coast on this , ASUS zenfone5 tooj model plz reply to immediately

    • Hi Sekhar, please take your mobile to ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed. If your mobile is covered under warranty please carry you bills and receipts. You can check with the ASUS service center guys whether you can claim warranty for mobile display. If that's not possible you might have to pay them.

  • my phone got stuck at the asus logo and not booting tryed clearing data and format everything it doest help me should i take it to service center if yes tell me the requirment to bring and does it costs for recovering

    • Hi Syed, please try these steps and let us know if your Asus phone works fine. If not we will guide you on further steps to proceed, please reply back.

      1. Turn off you Zenfone (make sure your device has enough charge)
      2. Hold Power button + Volume up

      • my camera is nt working when I.m trying to open it it shows please reboot your mobile i cnt find reboot option in my mobile ASUS ZenFone 2 laser
        can u please tell me where does reboot option exist

  • Hi,

    I bought ASUS ZENFONE 2
    model: ZE551ML 64gb

    I am facing camera issue in my phone. Picture taken from the rear camera looks like from a 5MP cam in 13MP camera settings. Phone is not cracked or damaged.

    I checked camera settings everything is fine but the quality of picture has gone down, even after using ZENFLASH with it.

    please help me know what could be done. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Sayeed, have you updated your Asus Zenfone 2 to the latest Android version? Asus has sent an OTA to all Zenfone 2 users which has a fix for the Camera, battery, graphics driver and lot more. Please follow the below steps to update your Zenfone 2:

      Settings > About > System Update > Check Update

      Before doing the above steps in your Asus mobile ensure that the mobile is fully charged. We will also recommend you to update all your apps by visiting the Play store. Reply back if you need any more help 🙂

  • The battery life has come down very badly,it doesnot serve more than 2 hrs

  • My phone is getting restarted again and again after a periodic interval. There is also no network coming in the second sim.

    • Hi Subham, if your mobile is still under warranty please take it to Asus authorized service center to get it serviced. Please carry your warranty card and bills to the Asus service center. Try these before you take mobile to service center:
      1. Connect to Wi-Fi and update your Asus zenfone to the latest firmware by doing – Settings > About > System Update > Check Update
      2. Update your mobile apps by visiting the Google Play Store
      3. Uninstall unused and battery draining apps for better performance & to increase battery life
      4. Take a backup of all your content/contacts etc and do a factory reset of your mobile

  • My Mobile display was Damaged, its totally break, and I brought last 7 months Back. Is it Available any Service centers in karimnagar dist, Telangana.

    • Hi Satish, sorry to hear that. Yes, please take your mobile to Asus authorized service center near your area and get it serviced. Please carry your mobile bills and warranty card for easy assistance. Check with the service center official for charges.

  • I have Zen phone 6, pl. tell me cost of motherboard.

    • Hi Baria, you can take your mobile to Asus authorized service center close to your locality and get it fixed. Only the service center officials will know about the price. You can claim your warranty if your mobile is still under warranty period, please carry your mobile bill and warranty card.

      • HI, i am srinath
        i had bought my new Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 2 months back screen has damaged and there are no service center in hyderbad to soleve, if you have any service center adrees please provide me sir please…….. venkateshakula sir please.

        • Hi Srinath, broken display may not be covered under warranty. You have to directly check with the service center guys.

  • My phone touch screenplays is totally damaged and how much cost.asus zenfone 5 model plese reply imd

    • Hi Krishna, you can check this link for Asus Zenfone 5 display – http://goo.gl/kpHrGA
      Also check with Asus authorized service center officials if you can get a better price.

  • Hi,

    I bought ASUS ZENFONE 2
    model: ZE551ML 32gb

    Mobile is not turning on. No charging light displaying.

    Options tried:
    1) Charging for 10 hours
    2) Trigerring Volume + Power On buttons together
    3) Using just Power on button
    4) Tried with different charger to charge

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Press & hold the power button for 30 seconds and check if the mobile turns ON. If not please file for a replacement immediately.

    • my mobaile is network problem

  • My mobile working automatically when i had updated latest software which was notified yesterday i was completelly irritated with thiis how i can solve this plzss rectiify my problem as early as possiblee

    • Hi Vamshidhar, you will not be able to roll back your Asus Zenfone to old version by yourself. Please contact Asus authorized service center officials to fix this.

      • can anyone tell the correct contact number of ASUS service center in Hyderabad and address if known

  • In my phone if I call anyone I can not cut the call the screen is closed can u solve my problem

    • Hi Vijay, can you update the Asus Calling Screen app and check if your problem is solved? This will solve your problem. Also the same way update all your Android apps by visiting the Google Play store from your Asus mobile. Please do reply back if you need more help.


    • Hi Irfan, check for updates and get the latest firmware for your Asus mobile by connecting to WiFi, the update might solve your problem. Also check for any battery draining apps and uninstall them. The mobile will get heated if you are playing games, this is expected and on 3G use with mobile internet ON, try using 2G when ever possible.

      • hai sir, this is Janakiram. am using Asus zenfone 5 A501CG. am facing some problems from last 1 week. sent messages by are taking too much time to deliver to recipient… some times it takes half-n-hour and one more problem is auto call recording is not working properly… it is also taking lot of time… and default boost option also not working… these problems i am facing from last 1 week. i bought it in april 2015. please suggest me.. what to do…

        • Hi Janakiram,
          1. Message not getting delivered may be because of poor network connection also.
          2. Auto call recording and boost might be because of software issue

          Connect your mobile to Wi-Fi and update all your android apps by visiting Google play store. This may solve most of your problems.

          • hai sir, i tried all these things, but still am facing same problem…..
            is there any other solution… is there any use to reboot the device…

          • Hi Janakiram,
            Sorry to hear that. As you mentioned that you bought your Asus Zenfone mobile in April 2015, your mobile is still covered under warranty. I would suggest you to take your mobile to nearest Asus authorized service center and get it fixed free of cost. Please remember to take a full back up of your Asus mobile (contacts, images, videos, other important data) before giving it for service.

  • Hey hi, i brought my asus ZenFone 2 ze551ml 6months back. Everything is fine but one hand operation has been struck and not working. Say the solution for it.

    • Hi Mahesh, it might be a device problem, please take it to nearest Asus service center and get it fixed

  • hi,i have brought asus zenfone 5 lastmi have facing softawre problems,when ever i get this software issue my phone suddenly off and nothing is displaying,i have taken my phone to service center they are telling that this issue is with display problm,but another service center is telling taht its software problem and he resolved that.may i know the actual reason

    • Mostly it will be a software problem, you might not have updated your apps and device with latest updates. From now on please try to connect to Wi-Fi and keep updating all your apps regularly.

  • Hi My i brought zenfone 2 laser ASUS_Z00LD one month back however camera quality is poor if we use tampered glass "touch to awake " is not working and post taking call cannot cut the call unless it was done by opposite caller, by looking at that removed tampered glass now glass got broke unintentionally touch working fine but slight broke on front camera now will it going to be replaced with new one? i brought it through flipkart, if not how much it going to cost for only replacing gorilla glass4 for the phone

    • Hi Ravi Raj, connect to Wi-Fi and update your mobile software by doing Settings > About > System update. Asus has released updates for your mobile to fix the camera issue and other problems. Also update all your apps in Google play store. Check if you can file for a replacement in Flipkart. We don't have the rate cards with us, we request you to check with authorized asus service center officials for the screen replacement cost.

  • Hi,I bought asus zenfone go yesterday.when i pressed power button to start the phone, only asus logo is displayed.then turned off.battery is full.then what is the problem.reply me immediately.

    • If you have bought it online file for a replaced immediately and get a new device. If you got it from store, please return it back ASAP and get a new Asus mobile.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have asus zenfone 2 mobile ,suddenly it went to down and when I am trying to power on/off the mobile it displaying like USB symbol on screen more than that I didn't getting any thing , and I tried to update the software from outside mobile store but it didn't successful . So Plz help me in this .

    Akram Syed

    • Hi Akram Syed, please take it to the nearest authorized Asus service center and get it serviced. If your mobile is still under warranty you can get it fixed free of cost, but do check with service center officials if they have any charges to fix it.

  • Hi.i have bought asus zenfone go in online( 1 week back).it has display problem.how can i get a new one.whether i should return it in online or i should go to asus store? plz reply me immediately.

  • Hi In my phone Sim is not detecting. My mobile is Zenfone-c. What I have to do

    • Hi Jagan, there might be a problem with your SIM card slot. Please take your mobile to nearest authorized service center and get it fixed. Carry your mobile bills and warranty card.

  • My phone gets switched off suddenly and is unable to connect to my pc

    • Hi Shreya,
      It might be a software issue, have you updated your Asus mobile phone with latest software? If not connect to Wi-Fi, Settings > About Phone > System updates
      Also update all your Android phone apps, make sure the cable you use is in good condition.

  • Any service center near to kukatpally pls inform

    • I have problem with Mic, other side persons are not hearing my voice,how the problem can solve,any service center near to kukatpally

      • Hi Amar, carry your mobile to the nearest Asus service center, they can fix your problem within few hours.

    • Hi Amar, there are no Asus service centers in Kukatpally, please check out for other close service centers

  • i purchased ASUS mobile six months back. Last three days on wards receiving CALL sound(BELL) is not functioning. But other operation songs voice is oky. please advice us what to do.

    • Hi Prabhakara, check if 'Ringtone' volume is set correctly – you can check it by Settings > Sound > Volumes ensure that the volume is set correctly. Also do update the Asus calling app and other apps too by connecting to Wi-Fi. If you need any further assistance please comment here.

  • Hi Venkateshkula Can you tell me the contact numbers of service centres in hyderabad. I tried all the numbers available in the net. But they are not responding.

    • Hi Jagan, since its sankranti they are not working. Please call them at this number Regenersis – 7799992585. I tried calling, they said Asus service center will be open on Monday (18/01/2016).

  • Hi i am supriya,is sunday asus service will be open please tell me.
    My ASUS ZENFONE 5 is in problem near charger connector.

    • Hi Supriya, Sunday is a holiday for Asus service centers.

  • i am feed up with my ASUS phone this is my 3rd time i need to get repair first time in didn't know but now i want to get it to service center i am permanent solution to my phone.
    i already paid 1,100 to my phone.

    • Hi Supriya, do you have the bills of your previous mobile service? If yes take it with you to the same Asus service center & ask them why you got the problem again, also ask them to fix it. You can get it done free of cost if your last service is done only few weeks back. Do let us know if you need any help.

  • i bought ASUS selfie in last month, currently i am facing the issue with this mobile. i am not able to hear the receive the voice to me and others also not able to receive the voice

    • Hi Srinivas,
      If the purchase date is less than 30 days and you are not satisfied with the mobile file for a replacement with Flipkart. If the purchase date is more than 30 days, take the mobile to service center and get it fixed.

      • I recently bought asus ZenFone max 32gb and I have problems regarding incoming calls….. my phone is not making sound and it is just vibrating the ringtone seems to be not working…. I am having problems receiving calls sometimes I miss imp calls plz help me out

  • Why does my asus zenfone 2 laser 550kl not working and when i keep the battery in slot it is continuously vibrating and not turned on

    • Hi Narahari,
      Try using a different charger, cable and socket. If your problem still exist take your mobile to Asus authorized service center to get it fixed.

  • Hello, I want to take to my phone to asus service centre can I take there for free service.
    I have given to a local shop and they didn't given me any bill now, what can I do?

    • Hi Supriya,
      Your warranty may be void as you have serviced your mobile in local service center. Anyways try your best by taking your mobile to any Asus authorized service center from the address mentioned above in the post along with your mobile bills and warranty card. Call the number and confirm the service center availability before visiting it.

  • hai sir am suffring for my asus zenfone 2 phone becouse speaker is dameged i purchased lost 6 months back so flipkart has gave to me 1 year warrenty so i want speaker plz asa soon as possible reply to me

    • Hi Mahesh,
      If the damage is caused because of mishandling, it might not be covered under warranty. But I would recommend you to take your Asus Zenfone 2 mobile to Asus authorized service center and check with them.

  • I purchased zenfone 5 now i am facing sim problem only 2nd sim is working and i replaced it but no change what i have to do now…

    • Hi Raghu,
      You have to take your mobile to Asus authorized service center to get it fixed.

  • Hi, sir my asus mobile phone droped water so.what can i do and were is your service center near by uppal plz help me

    • Hi Mohan,
      You have to visit Secunderabad to get your Asus mobile fixed. Sorry, there are no Asus service centers in Uppal.

  • I have asus zenfone 2 laser(5.5) mobile display was damaged.

    • Hi Praveen,
      Take your mobile to Asus authorized service center to get it fixed.

  • whats the cost for zenfone 6 sofware… my zenfone 6 bricked… and what is the cost for speaker?

    • Hi Karthik,
      Take you mobile to Asus authorized service center to get it fixed, the service center officials will share the repair cost of software and speaker details with you.

  • I have purchased Asus Zenfone 5 few months back, my phone keep on gets hanging these days,at the time I am unable receive and dial the calls, and also having bad battery back up, it's giving only 2 hrs if I charge the full, could you please suggest how to proceed, I have purchased through flipkart , is warranty will cover for this? and share the Asus Authorized service centers address in Hyderabad.

    • Hi Raj,
      Yes your mobile has warranty and you can claim it. The Asus service center address details are mentioned above in the post, please check them. Do carry your Asus mobile bills and warranty card to the service center.

  • my zenfone Z00LD not booting when updating process.i downloaded the update package and press install button.but from long time its shows asus logo only.i cant able to restart also.please try to help me

    • Hi Sudheer,
      Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, the device should restart. If this didn't resolve the issue, take your mobile to Asus authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • I have a Asus Zenfone 551ml phone, which i took it nearly 4 to 5 months back. My problem with the device is , It is not getting charged properly, before it use to take nearly 2hr to get fully charge But now, it is not get completely charged even if i keep it for 3hr.

    • Hi Udayanand,
      Did you check whether your charger cable and adapter is in good condition? If your charger/cable is not working properly, you can claim the warranty. Asus mobile accessories has a 6 month warranty.

      • Hello Venateshakula,
        there is no problem with the charging cable and the adapter,i think it som issue with the battery it self. and my device is under warranty only, can the battery be changed?

  • My phone (Asus Zenfone 2) got bricked and I tried every possible way to unbrick it. But still I'm unable to unbrick it! So, where should I go now?

    • Hi Vishal,
      Asus mobile warranty becomes void if user tries to root and update the software build. Take your mobile to Asus authorized service center and get it fixed, but they may charge you. Please check with them.

  • hello sir, my asus fonepad 7 kooe tab screen has broken and damaged with cracks.the touch screen isn't responding… so,how much it costs for screen replacement and let me know the better asus service center in hyderabad..thnk u

    • Hi Srinivas,
      We do not have the price list and you can visit any of the above listed service centers which ever is close to your place.

  • Hi
    My Asus Zenfone 5 's power switch is broken inside and i am not able to switch on the phone after charging it full (its battery got drained completely). Also the camera was not working before its battery got drained.Pl. suggest me service center in hyderabad. my phone is out of warranty.


    • Hi Vamshi,
      I will always recommend you to take your mobile to Asus authorized service center for any service. They will be having all the parts ready and also you can get the mobile fixed easily and get few months of warranty (3 to 12 months) with bills.

  • i want asus zenfone 5 battery
    pls tell me the cost

    • Hi Sai Kumar,
      Asus Zenfone 5 battery is not replaceable and for the price we don't have it, you can call & check with the Asus authorized service center guys.

  • I have ZE551ML 32gb, purchased in october 2015.Purchased through Flipkart. Display glass is broken. Sound of phone is not that audible compared to other phones.Any solution and also guide me to a service centre who will attend.I am from Ameerpet. If I provide flipkart delivery document, will that do for warranty covered to my piece.
    Thank you.

  • i bought zenfone5 model six months back and i have taken hathway conection 3days back my mobile not supporting any down load app so what am do

    • Hi Srinivas,
      Please check if your mobile internal memory is full, that may be a reason for apps not getting downloaded.

  • My zenfone 5 16gb is hanging and running by itself please give me a solution

    • Hi Ajya Kumar,
      This may be because of hardware or software issue. Take your mobile to nearest Asus authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Today I visited servicing centre at Regenersis,Begumpet,Hyderabad and enquired about broken glass replacement but I was told that cannot be done separately and whole set to be changed and it cost about Rs4800/-. Even though my mobile is just three months old it is not covered by warranty as per the counter person. But when I browsed through website I found this information.

    LCD Only: If the image under the glass is broken and the touch panel is NOT then you only need an LCD.

    Touch Panel aka Digitizer: If the top touch panel or aka glass top is cracked or broken but the image under it is fine then you only need the Touch Panel.

    Complete Screen with Touch Panel and LCD: If the top touch panel is broken and the lcd image is either black liquid or cracked you need a complete screen.

    So my problem is only with touch panel.But the servicing centre insisting me to change entire set and claiming huge amount.

    Is this a raid by the centre? really for this broken glass problem entire set to be changed ?As per earlier comments on this website this particular service centre is not rendering…But to me Iam under cloud nine….no cloud ten. Can anybody guide me please.

  • My mobile getting heat after using 10 to 15 minute,.last week I taken back from service centre after solved the Mic problem,from that day I observe the heating problem,pls help what todo

  • hii,

    I bought Asus zenfone selfie with 2gb RAM.The phone became slow and always showing problem with the launcher.

    It is showing ZENUI Lanuncher is not working.

    Please suggest me some suggestion and that will be useful for me.

    Thanks and regards.

    • Hi Sai Krishna,
      Try updating the ZENUI app by visiting Google Play store and check if this fixes your problem. Also uninstall high RAM consuming apps from your mobile.

  • My phone s getting a different sound on What s app call I am unable to hear d voice

    • Hi Bhargav,
      Please update your WhatsApp and check if it solves your problem.

  • There is any service centre in unilaterally.,plssuggest

  • There is no any service centre in Kukatpally pls call to
    I am getting so many calls from various areas from telugu states,they all are calling to my number for asus service centre a dress, how they are getting my nubber,pls solve my problem

    • There is no any service centre in kukatpally pls call to

      • Hi Amar,
        It seems you have mentioned your mobile number in the comments section of our website. We have removed it, hope you won't receive any more calls.

  • Dear venkatesh,thanks for your reply
    But my problem is not solved,
    Pls type in google as "asus service centre in kukatpally" then see below in your website adress,my mobile number still showing

    • Hi Amar, can you please check your email [earao] and reply back at the earliest to help us resolve your problem

  • I bought a ASUS ZenFone 2 laser in the month of October via flipkart and my display is not working from the past two days they gave me one year warranty with the phone any ASUS service center near west marredepally or secunderabad….

  • I bought ZenFone 2 laser 2GB ram its focusing is to slow after taking photo its takes much time to load

  • hi venkatesh

    my asus zenfone 2 mobile screen has fully damage is it possible to replace the screen and also please mention the cost for the screen

  • my camera is nt working when I.m trying to open it it shows please reboot your mobile i cnt find reboot option in my mobile ASUS ZenFone 2 lasercan u please tell me where does reboot option exist

  • can you plz tell me asus service centers near by Dilsukhnagar at hyderabad..

  • my mobile is not working…when i put charging phone shows only charging symbol..and my phone is not booting al
    so ..wat is the problem

  • Hi Sir,

    I am unable to switch on my phone. There is an icon of an anchor that I can see but it doesnt switch on. Can you help me!


  • Hi sir,
    My sim1 slot has an issue…wn i insert sim in that it works properly for about 20 days after that it shows sim card not installed and due to this my sim card registration failed and i had to buy two new sims but still the problem continues. When i asked a cell repairing person he told me that spring in sim 1 slot had damaged. Kindly provide me solution to this

    • Sir my ZenFone laser 2 was came white dots on display why….Sir….?

      • Hi Yaswanth, please file for a return request if you purchased it online recently.

  • I want to root my asus zenfone 5 T00J i could not make it out so is service centers will root my phone…i want to.know

  • Hi Mr venkateshakula,

    Last month i lost my mobile charger of ASUS ZENFONE2 ZE550ML, from then on wards i tried to buy a new charger in https://www.asus.com/in/support/FAQ/1006347 & in ECommerce Sites also but i din't get it. When i call to Service centers contact numbers (040-66411378) they are not responding.

    So kindly tell me what to do & where should i have to buy & what is the correct price of it (ORIGINAL).

  • I have bought asus zenfone selfie but from few days my charger is giving trouble and I found some sought of liquid coming out. Will it be changed I have warranty.

  • Hi this is Meher,my ZEN FONE 5 DIsplay glass has been Brokend kindly tell me the cost of that including tax

  • I lost my asus zenfone 2…how can I block it..?

  • My headphone jack is not working.pin of my headphone is not entering into the jack completely.initially it was working but it is not working now.plz solve the issue.

  • Hello my phone is 4 months old and there is a mic issue….. my voice is.not.audible to others…pls.let me.knw the fix dor this….

  • I have a huge problem with my asus zenphone laser,
    When i have inserted a new sim in sim slot2 the language of my phone is totaly changed.
    I can't wt kind of language it is. Soo plz give me any suggeion for this problem
    Reply soon

  • Hiii
    Initially on the left top of my phone a yellow mark started to appear and there after it started to spread and this happened till one and half inch. Can any one suggest why this happened and as us service centers in Hyderabad.

    • Hi Gopi Krishna, take your mobile to nearest Asus mobile service center and get it fixed.

  • Sir in my phone asus zenfone kl500 model there is a problem on imo app not spekar but in othet app it is ok y imo is not supporting for voice call and in other app i'm able to heared a voice from other site also my voice but in imo i can heared voice but not my voice …

  • my phone is zenfone 5, screen broken, touh is working, but i wont screen replace ment,
    i have worrenty plz suggest….

    • Hi Kumar, take your mobile to nearest Asus mobile service center in Hyderabad and get it fixed. You will not be able to claim warranty for display, but do check with the service center officials.

      • Please give me asus service center address in secundrabad

  • HI I am chandra sekhar ,my Asus zenfone mobile is not working , the display is not working got stuck ,some times it automatically types on his own .and now on display 123 numbers are not working other numbers are working .can you please tell me where is the service centre in Hyderabad.


    • Hi Chandra Sekar, check the above post for Asus mobile service center addresses.

  • Regeneris india pvt ltd setvice is worst service center why because 4 days back I gave my mobile to this service center mice problem again it will coming same problem very very worst brand asus mobiles

  • Hi

    i want asus zenfone 5 original charger
    Is it available

  • hi my asus zenfone 2 laser mobil has been facing a serious problem that it could not connect wifi connections as well as bluetooth and share it etc what shall i do

    • Take your mobile to Asus authorized mobile service center and get it fixed.

  • Hi I am rehaman my asus mobile call voice not receiving to others but when loudspeaker is on voice is listening to others

    • Hi Abdul Rehaman, try this and check if this helps:
      * Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Mobile Networks > Preferred network type > 2G/3G mode. I tried this and it worked for me.

  • Hi Venkatesh akula
    I bought my ZenFone 2 8 months back online from last 15-20 days simcard slot 1 is not working properly in a day at least 10 time message pops up and says SIMCARD 1 IS NOT INSTALLED. Plz suggest me a solution asap.Thanx Tabrez Saleem

    • Hi Tabrez Saleem, it will caused due to hardware issue, take your mobile to Asus authorized mobile service center and get it fixed for free as your mobile is still under warranty period.

  • Asus model number is ASUS_ZOOD(ZE551ML).

  • Hi sir I am taken one Asus ZenFone lost 2 months before . I have some problem my ASUS ZenFone voice receiver not working plz tell me how match cast to this component and also tell to service addresses

  • my phone fell into water is any warrenty appilicable to it

  • Hi,

    My ASUS Zenfone2 laser having the speaker problem…When i am making the calls other side person not able to hear my voice,if i put it in speaker mode,its working fine.

    Please suggest what i have to do.

  • I bought asus zenfone2 laser 550kl.when someone is calling they cant here me..i think something is wrong with the myc..i just bought the phone before 4 months..it seems that it got damaged..can it be fixed without any charges?

  • my phone has suddenly switched off while talking to others

  • Got ASUS ZenFone 2 laser 550kl
    My phone's charging is getting down quickly past few days when compared to past days and also screen gets off while calling but does not on after call automatically please help out

  • Hi . I bought asus zenfone 2 laser on before 2 month ago. Now i have found black dot on screen while camra operational.

    Now contacted to service center , persona incharged said that camera is faulty so submit your phone due to part not available.
    I request him to solve asap. suddenly he told me to wait half hour and fix my problem . But i checked my camera quality got down even every thing as shown like 13 pixl setting , other setti g are correct. I doubt camra is not fix with original part so how can i chaeck is it orginal?????? Or not so that i raise our voice .

  • My ASUS ZenFone max mobile signal dropping problems are appeared .how it solve

  • Hi i am using Asus Zenfone 5 and it has been 1 and half decade.Now my problem is about my mobile battery ,the battery was drying like anything ,the battery charge was gaining quickly nd also drying quickly.i hve gone through one of the service center in tirupathi and they said 'u need to change ur mobile battery'.so now let me know is there any other solution for this problem or, i need to change my battery.Please send the reply ASAP.

  • Dear Asus,

    I Am Aravind from Hyderabad and I use zenfone 2 with 64 gb for both my work and personal use

    I am facing issues with this since couple months I bought but occationally,Now it got worsed.

    1)My phone goes to automation mode where it operates and opens apps without any touch and sometimes calls randomly,this problem became frequent nowadays and reflecting on my productivity very badly

    2)Recently all of asudden I am not able to see my screen ,I can see only 10 percent,But when I open 3rd party apps like paytm or fb I am able to see evrything and operate clearly which is badly effecing my work.it works randomly nad flickers in between ,sometimes I cant see anything on screen when I receive call

    Previously I have not faced anything like this when I use to use Samsung and Blackberry.

    For both the Cases I have Rebooted number of times and formated with hard reset,During my research about service I came to know that it is common with asus phones because I found same issues in youtube and other forums

    And Some serious delay with service centers aswell

    So ,kindly advice me the best procedure and time taken to examine the phone and to fix it(Phone is under Warrantly)

  • Hi sir i am using Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL which was 7-8 months and the problem is my phone's switch on button is not working first it used to work very nicely then it became very sensitive and my phone is switch offing whenever i am touching that button then one day my phone repeatedly restarted and finally from that day the mobile is not working when i keep charging it is showing light the switch off button is not working So Please Reply me the nearest service centers in Hyderabad

  • Hi,

    I am using AsusZenfone2, when i keep full volume on speaker it create lot of noise and if i keep volume low it is working fine. can u please suggest something.

  • My mobile is Asus zenfone 2. Once I switched off the mobile. When try to switch on the mobile it is showing some USB symbol. Other than that there is no response from the mobile. Please get me out of this problem.

  • hello,my asus zenfone 2selfie mobile phone is fell down in water and not working since then please provide the best service centre when i can repair it my mon
    bile is 3months old it is in warranty also so please solve my problem Please

  • ASUS zenfone spear parts will available in HYD. I would like to exchange the phone is the facility is available kindly let me asap.

  • Can the asus zenfone 5 batery be replaced.
    My battery laats just 2.5 hours in full charge.
    And what is the cost of new batery.

  • sir i am using Zenfone 2 with model number ASUS ZOOAD my phone is hanging and my switch ON/Off button is problem plz tell me my phone is in warranty where is the ASUS Authorized service center in secundrabad

  • My Asus ZenFone 5 speaker isn't working. I reside at Hydernagar and the two service centers stated here are too far from here. Please suggest any service shops in and around Kukatpally that can help fix the sound issue. By the by, my mobile is now out of warranty.

  • hi … this is javed i have purchased asus zenfone on 01 April 2016 unfortunately while updating software phone got strucked task is not completed where as it is not getting on. what could be the solution?

  • Mu asus zenfone2 speaker are not sound cleared . so tell me can i come for solution

  • Hi ,

    I own Asus Zenfone 2 . And all of a sudden my front camera is not working. A blank screen appears when I open my front camera. Could you please help me with this

  • I have one ASUS Tab. The charger pin is not working. I could not get/buy it any where. Event in service center, they said not available. Now, the Tab is idle because of this issue.
    Please suggest me, how to get the suitable charger and how know the tab model number, if the tab is not switching on.

  • hello, i am using zenfone5.from very few days i am facing difficulties while connecting to internet i.e athentication problem in my phone what should i do to solve my problem

  • hi guys i brought asus zenfone 2,6 months old i am for got my kids mode pin and also answer to sequary question can any one help how to open it

  • hi my phone is zenefone 2 this mobile speaker not working please tele me solutions

  • my asus zenfone is unable ro recognize sim….it is recognizing and after 15 min signal is lost….please need urgent help…..

  • Hi,

    My Phone Model is Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL, purchased on Dec 16th 2015. Now Suddenly I Noticed that My Front camera is not Working i.e. it is seen blur whereas back camera is working fine. Can you please Suggest me the process (like Time taken to repair) and also please tell me whether the charges are applicable because phone has taken 4 Months back

    Thanks and Regards,

  • ZenFone 2 553kl 5.5 display cost plz

  • My ASUS zenfone 5 was damaged. It's Gorilla Glass was broken but touch is working. So, can you please let me know how much will you charge and time will take for new gorilla glass and touch. Am from Hyderabad

  • i hadvpurchased asus zenfone c it showing no camera found

  • My ASUS ZenFone c is having a serious trouble from few days my asus battery is not charging and it is draining very fastly. What shall I do?

  • my asus zenfone 2 is not switching on after it got wet in rain. what to do?

  • I an able to switch of the watsup call from My ASUS zenfone 5 Lazer phone..

  • Hi,

    I put my phone on charge it was 100% full and it showed me incompatible charger but the charger was original ASUS charger.

    Now the issue is after using phone for haf n hour the battery did not came down then I thought to restart the phone and from then it is not starting.

    I have been trying may ways to start, pressed power+volume button, long pressed the power button and all but there is no progress. it is only vibrating for two times that's it..

    Please let me know, whats should I do now?

    I bought this phone on 14 Aug 2015.. but I have only bill with me no warranty card, will that be considered into warranty?

    please reply be back asap..

    • Hi Sohail, if you have purchased the mobile in Online please check orders page or your email for the bill. If not please directly visit the Asus service center and check with them for warranty. They might have track of IMEI number and the warranty time.

  • Hi this is siddeshe back camara is not working but front camera is working can u please suggest what can I do

  • Hi Team, As my phone is not charging, I thought phone got struck and I switched off my phone. Again when I tried to switch on the device, its not getting on. Only phone is getting vibrated and no display no sound nothing.

    Please help me out. I bought from online a year back. Now service center people can help me out ???

    Leave a reply asap so that I can go to reach you people in serive center.

    • Hi Sree, try a different working charger and let your device charged for 4 to 5 hours. Then try to turn on the Mobile. I think the blank screen is because of batter drain out.

  • how do i view hidden pictures in gallery

  • I cant charge my ASUS ZEN PHONE 2 LASER when it is switched on. For charging i need to switch off my phone.My phone is only 4 months old. Can anyone suggest me what should i do ?

    • Hi Sourav, immediately visit your nearest Asus mobile service center and get your mobile serviced for free since your mobile is still under warranty.

  • Sir when I calling phone means my screen is going off

  • the caller can't able to hear my voice from past 2 days. Any troubleshooting steps from this issue please reply it as soon as possible.

  • hi sir, i bought asus zenfone go 4.5, 1 month back, there is a problem with the inbuilt speaker, i cant here the voice when i receive any call. every time i am using headset or need to put speaker on to here the voice. could you please suggest.

  • Hi,
    I Have ASUS ZenFone-2 550 KL, past few days few led glowing light spots were visible on screen which are increasing day by day. Double wake up and Sleep not working properly, display brightness and sound issue is also there.


  • I purchased asus zenphone 2 laser ze550kl, 2gb ram handset on flipkart few days back… i am facing one problem that when i connected headphone during the call then i hear my voice along with the oppositely speeking person.. i checked by using 4-5 headphones. But samething will happening.. i want hear only opposite person's voice during the call.. plz give me the solution…

  • Sir my ASUS ZenFone 2 was continue comes viberting.and mice was not working.

  • Hi,I am sudha i am using asus zenfone max from nov,and from past two days ,i am facing
    wifi problem like authentication problem can u please suggest me how to rectify it.

    • Hi Sudha, when are you seeing the message? and what error message is displayed?

  • Hi, i bought my Asus Zenfone 2 ZE 551ML 3 months back. Unfortunately the phone got dropped in water and got switched off. Now i am unable to operate it. Please let me know if warranty covers water accidents. If not, how much would it cost me to get the phone repaired.

  • Hi ASUS team,
    I am looking for ASUS Transformer T300 Chi Charger, I am unable to get in Hyderabad.
    ASUS service center in hyderbad is not answering calls.

    could you please suggest where I can get this, need this charger very urgently. I have very important data in it and not working as the charger is not available.

  • hi ,Iam shalini iam using asus zefone max,there is a problem in display of images,it is not clear it looks like photo copy.please suggest me how to rectify it

  • Hi Venkateshwara,

    I have ASUS ZENFONE 5, yesterday, it fall down. nothing has broken not even single scratch due to it was in good cover. but it got switch off, and not starting now. please suggest, I am at Hyderabad Pragathi Nagar, KPHB.

  • Hi Venkateshakula, ASUS TEAM,

    I have ASUS ZENFONE 5, yesterday, it fall down. nothing has broken not even single scratch due to it was in good cover. but it got switch off, and not starting now. please suggest, I am at Hyderabad Pragathi Nagar, KPHB.

  • Hii my voice is not clear wen i receiving calls voice is breaking down
    I was taken my phone on december 2015 plz suggest me


  • My asus zenfone 5 back camera is not working is there any solution for itt???

  • Hi sir My mobile has problem with charging the battery has full chargerd up to 4 to 5 hrs
    And the mobile has not charged sir the mobile has to mucch heated

  • My mobile receive messages & (OTP) in late , so that i can not doing online shopping and online banking. plz. solve my problem

    • Hi Ismail, this issue can be because of network connectivity or the bank sending the OTP with delay. Please raise a complaint with the Bank/Network provider.

  • Hi, I lost the screen glass and I would to get the new screen. Please suggest.

  • Hi Venki,

    when am calling any number my screen is getting off automatically,if i want to disconnect the call it was not showing anything untill the opposite caller disconnects the call.while talking in the call am unable to search other contacts or messeges or recording because of the off screen.one week back i have taken mobile from the first day onwards am having the same problem.

    • Hi Satish, I think you haven't updated any of your Asus provided Android apps. Connect to Wi-Fi > Open Play Store and update all your apps. I hope this may resolve your issues.

  • im using asus zenfone 2 laser from 6 months recently my display is gone completely how can i get it fixed i hav warrenty how can i claim dat

  • Hi,where can i buy asus zenfone 4 a450 cg new battery in hyderabad?

  • Hi sir I have purchased my asus ZenFone 2 laser it have problem with out speaker…..what can I dooo

  • Hi, i have a zenfone 5 phone nd today when i restarted it the mobile is not switching on only that asus logo is comming and staying like that..itried evrything like reboot droidreboot,etc.. but didnt try the factory reset coz there are imp data stored in the phone memory.. suggest me what should i do??

  • When ever I attend a call proximity sensor is not working.my mobile still has warranty…..does it costs for repair

  • hi.

    my display is not working i purchased phone through flipkart in november can claim warranty for this case.

  • My asus fonepad is working OK otherwise. However I cannot update or install new apps. Please help

  • My struked, it seems touch not working, it it not fell down .
    All of sudden from ester day onwards it happened. side buttons are working. Even i could able to switch off the mobile. what i have to do?

  • hI,

    Iam purchased ASUS Zenfone 2 Z551ml it is overheating & battery draining with in 2 hours.

    What is the problem of mobile pls suggest.

    Vinod Kumar.P

  • any sims are not working in my phone.i erased total data but sims not shwng signal..tel me sol

  • Me RK from hyderabad , ths is regarding complaint on ZE550 kl , purchasd in the month of March 16.

    At times dialler is not responding and dialled number is also disappearing when trying to redial , pl sortout the issue.

  • My fon is not charging when its on.
    My fon was charging when its switch of mode. Why pls this is eritating me pls giv the solution urgent

  • Asus zenfoneZ00LD cemere not working problem

    Cemera failed to lunch please reboot your device and try Again telling plzz to mee soultion??

  • Hey,mine is asus zenfone 2 laser ZE550KL…..from 3 days…whenever i on my mobile data….d signals are getting cut…and no signals are coming until i change d sim slot….and i am not able to use my mobile data….for tat reason i am not using my net…..

  • HI

    i was recently bought asus zenfone max mobile in flip kart. how to check screen is working properly or not?

  • Hi am intrested to buy Asus zenfone 2 laser mobile. Pls suggest me is it good or any other options in best mobiles under 9 k. Anyone pls help me.

  • Hi Anybody pls suggest me how is asus mobile customer care parts availability and respond . am planning to buy asus zenfone so.pls

  • hi Sir This Shiva My phone apps is dispaly unfortuntly apps not supported ple taill me how to slove the problem and taill me asus mobiles service list in hyderabad

  • my deivice suddenly touch not working

  • I ordered an Asus ZenFone max and I got it 15 days ago.. now my recent app touch is not working.. so I am not able to take screen shots also.. plzz kindly help me with this problem… and where is ur service centre in hyderabad

  • Hi sir my phone connect automatically charge mode how i do now and i buy the online i dont have bills now what to do now

  • Hell0 my asus zenfone 5 speaker problem nd this mobile warranty is completed and service center in speaker how much cost

  • I bought Asus ZenFone Max 3 months ago..I met with one problem and to solve it I did Reset factory settings.after that my phone was get automated while I am using head phones and I lost 2 factory apps Music and Email….I want to know what is the problem..can service center will solve my prob?

  • my zenfone 2 laser is get stuck on logo screen only..but when i restart it shows me some options like 1. reboot system now
    2.apply updated from ADB
    3. wipe data
    and so on..
    should i approach the service centre or any other option you can tell me.
    plz help i dont want loose my data

    • Hi Vikky, take your mobile to service center. If you do any thing wrong, your mobile warranty will become void. Take backup of your mobile trying connecting to system or ask the service center guys to get you the back up.

  • Hai, i am vinay ,i bought asus zen 2 laser 5 months ago.i met with a problem .. the phone was dead. I have bill and warrenty also, so please tell me that where is the service center

    • Hi Vinay, check the above post for service center address.

  • hi asus team i bot asus zenphone 2 my ph sadenly got switchoff i am trying switchon my ph but its not on its taking lot off time for loding but still its not got on plese give the sulitions

  • Sir in my asus zenfone 2 laser my speakers andthe mics are stopped working suddenly what is the problem behind that

  • Hey my asus zenfone 5.5 touch is broken i want to knw how much is the price of new touch
    My phn doesn't have warranty

  • asus zenfone 2 double tap opening is not working but double tap closing is working .
    please help
    G.Ragahvendra Praad

  • Hi,
    There is a problem with my Zenfone max.I need to go to the service center in Hyderabad.Can you please give the address of the Asus service centers in Hyderabad.

  • Hi
    Hey my Asus Zen 5 suddenly getting vertical line and I think it's software problem is it true ?

    • Hi Durga Prasad, did you drop your mobile some where? Because the vertical line can also be caused due to hardware issue.

  • Hi
    my caller screen doesn't show the contact photo in my asus ZenFone max..
    I already changed the setting to show the contact picture as caller screen.
    what to do

  • Hi I'm using asus ZenFone laser 2 550kl since 2 months it is hanging frequently. I'm restarting every day my mobile for hanging

  • No change in my mobile updated 2 times my mobile also

  • My asus ZenFone laser 2 550kl – unable to charge & Unable to connect to my laptop.

    • Hi Shiv, check with a different USB cable. If this doesn't work then there might be some issue with your device. Take it to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Iam getting "telecome service has been stopped"When I get a call for sim1,Iam unable to answer my call..what should i do

    • Hi Srinivas, update ZenUI Dialer & Contacts, ASUS Call Screen etc by visiting Google Play Store from your mobile. Updating might resolve your issue.

  • Hi,

    My zenfone 5 is not turning on though it turn on when i pressed power button for 30 sec.Please suggest

    • Hi Anadi, how did your mobile became dead? Did you try to root it or update it by following online tutorials?

      • Hi Venkatesh, it was working fine till night but in the morning when I tried charging it was not getting charged. I saw the battery getting drained from 24% to 1%.Though it got on when I pressed power button.But issue is now battery is completely drained.What shall I do to get this charged.Appreciate your help in advance!!!

        • Hi Anadi Mayank, I would recommend you to keep the mobile in charge for 4 to 5 hours. You should see a charging sign after 20 to 30 minutes connecting to charger. Switch on the mobile after 5 hours of charging.

          • Hi Venkatesh, thanks for your kind suggestion, I did put the mobile for charge from battery bank overnight and battery gets 100% full now but when I am now trying to connect to the charger though it shows charging even if I disconnect my mobile from the charger.I am unable to decide if there is any issue with the mobile or not. Please suggest if I need to go for hard reset etc. Thank you in advance.

          • Hi Anadi Mayank, I would suggest to take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed. Please be aware that if you hard reset all your data will be gone/lost.

  • helo sir,
    I have Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG suddenly display turned into white color,background i can see the apps n all ,its working ..bt display issue what i need to do sir..

    • Hi Teena, you might have incorrectly set the brightness level or changed the color settings of the theme. Try to reset it to default values, this should solve your issue.

  • My Asus ZenFone 2 is showing 16hr time for full charge and near about it takes 10 hr to full charge from last 3 days.

  • Hi iam vinod ,my mobile problem is when we are calling to other person my words not reached to that person it's happen some times only.please tell me the reason for this problem.

  • Hi Iam Rajesh. Iam Using Asus zenfone But iam facing problem with network issue.When put the sim its showing cross mark symbole in top row ple help me and asus service center contact number

  • Hi sir this is uday
    I have lost my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL charger .
    So May I have a chance of purchasing a new charger either at the service center or asus showroom.I am from hyderabad

  • Hi asus team this is uday.
    I have lost my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL charger so May I purchase it in hyd

  • I purchased mobile through amazon and after 20 days i find one dot in my srcreen what is the problem and it has 1year warranty period

  • Hi, This is Sai,i am using Zenfone selfie when i am charging my phone with my charger light is not blinking on charger.so can i replace the charger? And when we will get update to android 6.0

  • Hi, this is mansa , I am using asus zenfone2 ze550ml and I have issue with both sim slots,may I know how much you charged to replace these slots??

    • Hi Mansa, take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and check the price for SIM card slot replacement. If your mobile is still under warranty carry the bill with you to claim the warranty.

  • my phone got stuck at the asus logo and not booting tryed clearing data and format everything it doest help me.
    Hi Syed, please try these steps and let us know if your Asus phone works fine. If not we will guide you on further steps to proceed, please reply back.

    1. Turn off you Zenfone (make sure your device has enough charge)
    2. Hold Power button + Volume up

    i did try these step but it not working …plz guide me..!

    • Hi Varun, take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • my asus zenfone 5 is not taken charging and not open everything is ok but the problem is that please tell me what happen and how much amount for repair

    • Hi, the charger port might have got damaged. Take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • MY ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser phone display is not working (low light scattered display is coming) while using with out any damage.
    I have purchased 6 month back through flipkart online.It is under warranty.Can any body suggest what could be the problem.And what to be done.My address is KUKATPALLY HYDERABAD.

    • Hi Ramu, take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Mr. Venkateshakulu,

    I am vijay from Hyderabad, I purchased Asus Zenforne 2 last year decemeber(Dec 2015). from last week (20-6-2016) touch is not working properly. phone working itself with out any touch. But i did'nt download any files from internet. i put the tick mark for touch mark in developer tools. After that i observed clearly touch marks on top of the screen runs automatically. How to resolve this problem pls tell me.

    • Hi Vijay, try this and reply back if it helps: Check if there is a Talkback app installed in your device and if so disable it. I read online that Talkback app is responsible for random touches. If this didn't help take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed. Since your mobile is still under warranty claim it.

  • hi sir recently my asus zenfone 5 touch is damaged.how much its cost sir

  • Where is the service center in warangal hanumakonda

    • Hi Devadas, this is the address. Call them before planning your visit to ensure that the address is correct and service center is open.
      # 6-2-132, adjacent to Hnk police station,Main road, chowrasta Hanamkonda Warangal 506001
      0870-2450645 / 6451088
      10:00am to 6:00pm
      Products: ZenFone

  • I lost my mobile network signal & sound reply to me

  • Where is the service center in

    • Hi Devadas, check the post above for service center addresses.

  • Have a service center in Hyderabad


  • I want to buy ZO10D model touch please help for buying this

  • Where is the service center in karimnager

  • My phone is not charging ithink it's mother board problem i got a asus.zoold mobile from online i have warranty but I have no Bill what I do now

    • Hi Sudeer, since you have purchased it online – the bills might be in your Mail inbox and also you can get it from the Ecommerce site. Take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Hello my name is praveen I recently buyed asus x003 mobile its suddenly switched off now it is not opening what I do

    • Hi Praveen, take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Hi my name is Ratikant I have Asus ZenFone 2 ,from last 1 month my 2nd sim not working its showing not installed always when I put sim on 2nd sim.
    1st sim is ok.

    • Hi Ratikant, the problem is with the SIM card slot. Take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Hello iam Vinay
    Iam using Asus Zen 2 leaser
    Automatically Network signal off and after 5 seconds signal on
    And also during calls network is collapse what will do i have buying at filpkart since 35 days ago …pls give a solution for my phone

    • Hi Vinay, try switching to 2G network mode from mobile network setting page if your mobile is currently on 3G / 4G. The problem might be with your network provider.

  • Hello! my name is vamshi. I have purchased zenfone 5 mobile. The sim signal is not working, in settings it is showing that unknown carrier. I have tried many ways, but no use. How could i solve this problem.

    • There might be a problem with the SIM card slot or issue with the network provider. Can you try placing the SIM card in a different mobile and check if its showing the signal? If yes then its the problem with your mobile, take it to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • My zenphone max 2gb version is showing " unfortunately Ui has stoppped " . What should i do? I am still covered in warranty.

    • Hi Dharamraj, update the ASUS UI app by visiting Google play store and check if it resolves your issue.

  • My asus zenfone 5 touch has been damaged totally how much it cost if i get repaired and i dont have any warranty for my phone

    • Hi Irfan, we don't have the price list – can you call and check with the service center.

  • Hi Team,

    MY Asus Zenfone 5 (Asus_TooJ) display is damaged, how much will it cost for replacement and do you have any services near to chandanagar (Hyderabad).


    • Hi Abdul, we don't have the price list with us. Can you please call the nearest ASUS authorized service center and check about the price.

  • can u tell me correct address for asus service centre un Hyderabad…the above adress mobile shop are not providing asus service….can u tell the present serviceproviding centre

    • Hi Satya, thanks for notifying us about the incorrect data. But its as per the ASUS official website. We will contact ASUS customer support and confirm it again.

  • Phone is not ringing or making sound wen an incoming calls come I have checked the setting but no use plz help me out

    • Hi Rock, can you try changing your mobile ring tone and check. If it didn't help take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • hi,
    asus zenfone 2 551ml from 1 year I'm using it… phone got strucked so I restarted it with low charging… it totally turned off…I kept it 3 hrs charging but no use.. phone is vibrating occasionally. when I keeping it for charging does not showing any light indicator… please suggest…
    please tell me the authorized asus service center address near by Tirumalagiri(secunderabad)

    • Hi Navi, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and check if it helps. Reply back to us after trying this, we will be glad to help you

  • hi venkatesh,
    its not working any more
    I tried power button plus up volume key also but no use,
    can you suggest onther thing or can you suggest authorized asus service center near by thirumalagiri/ JBS

    • Hi Navi, we will get back to you shortly with the address closest to your place

    • Regenersis (India) Private Limited
      Door No 1-2-64/1/2, Nandanavanam Chambers, 2nd floor, Behind brand factory, Park lane

  • Hi, where are these authorised centres in Hyderabad? Google shows only one in Begumpet. I reside at VV nagar, Kukatpally. Please provide nearest centre address.

    • Hi Sowmya, we will get back to you shortly with the correct addresses.

    • Name-Regenersis (India) Private Limited
      Address-Door No 1-2-64/1/2, Nandanavanam Chambers, 2nd floor, Behind brand factory, Park lane

      • Thank you for your quick support

  • Hello..my phne is asus ZenFone 2 4g.. my phone has two sim slot.sim1 is4g and sim2 is 2g..sometime sim2 slot is not working..suddenly it works sometime..but since 2days it is not working..what is the problem?

    • Hi Amulya, there might be a problem in the way you inserted the SIM card. Try to remove it and place it properly. Also did you cut the normal SIM and using it? If so get a new micro/nano SIM card and replace it. If these didn't help you then the SIM card slot might be damaged, try to get it serviced by visiting authorized ASUS mobile service center.

  • My asus zenfone max is getting very slow my ram is free always 1gb and the phone was very slow And 2 to 3 days i was in problem any suggetion

    • Hi Sumeet, disable all the apps running in background using AUTO START manager app provided by ASUS. Remove unused apps from your ASUS mobile.

  • Hi, I purchased Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL in the month of May 2016, from last 2 months mobile is very slow and getting stuck in between of any task, when I am trying to open contacts I can see list is empty, as well as whenever I get any incoming call there is no display of the contact number stored on my mobile. Tried cleaning the junk / scanning of virus etc, If I restart or switch off / on the mobile then everything will be working fine.

    Please let me know concrete solution for the same.

    Naveen Ch.

    • Hi Naveen, use ASUS auto start manager app and disable all the apps running on background.

  • My Asus Zenfone max. When any one call me his number doesn't show on my mobile screen so please solve my this problem. My phone doing slow work.

    • Hi Jitendra, did you install any custom contacts manager app on your mobile? It might be causing that problem

  • Hi, my mobile model asuszenfone2. Problem is speekers what I am I have warranty

    • Hi Satish, please take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorised mobile service center and get it fixed

  • I am using ASUS_ZOOLD mobilw for last 6 months. Phone got strucked and it is totally turned off. I kept it 3 hrs charging but no use. when I keeping it for charging does not showing any light indicator… please suggest…
    please tell me the authorized asus service center address near by Kukatpallly (Hyderabad)

    • Hi, check the above post for ASUS authorized service center addresses.

  • My Zenfone 2 is not going in to sleeping mode battery is draining .
    While is on display circular disply coming with some options. What is the problem not understanding. Can it repairable?

    • Hi Baswaraj, take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed. Please carry your mobile bills and warranty card to claim the warranty.

  • Hi Iam usinf Asus 5,the phone is operating by it self by scrollng the screen on the desktop and i cant opetrate any pages as it is operating on its own,may be touch screen problem.
    plese sugget me any setting in th ephone to be done at my end.

  • Hello everyone, Is there any service center near Hitech city, Hyderabad?
    I stay near Cyber Towers. My phone's display is not working correctly. Please suggest me any Asus authorized service center near my area. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Rahul, can you please check the post – we have mentioned all the addresses there.

  • I relish, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You've ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • Hi, Neat post. There's a problem with your site in internet explorer, would test this IE still is the market leader and a good portion of people will miss your excellent writing because of this problem.

    • Hi Smithe, thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. We will immediately look into this issue and sort it out ASAP. Please feel free to send in more suggestions, we will be so glad to hear them 🙂

  • I restored my mobile ASUS zenfone maxas I forgot pincode.when I switch on it it is asking previous email id and when I enter id it is saying that use one of the owners account.but I have entered appropriate id.so tell what to do

    • Hi Sujith, please visit the nearest ASUS authorized service center to get it fixed.

      • Okay but what happened,i mean, what was the problem?? ?

        • We are not sure, its a unique problem which we haven't come across

          • The problem will be fixed or not????

          • Yes, will be fixed. Call the service center before planning your visit to confirm they are open for business.


    • Hi Mizra Ali, please check the above post for address.

  • Hi Venkateshakula,
    I am facing problem with my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL like my voice is not audible to others,
    I purchased on 09/Sep/2016, only one week Warranty available, if i visit service center will they consider and do repair my product, also revert me full address of service center in hyderabad.

    • Hi Manikanta, yes they will service your product. Take your mobile to ASUS authorized service center ASAP and let them know your problem. Check the above post for ASUS authorized service centers in Hyderabad. Please call the service center before you plan your visit.

  • Hello…I purchased Asus zenfone 5 in march 2015 …since, from past week…only the BACK touch is working and the remaining both HOME touch and the another option touch is not working…even though I had done factory reset also these both buttons are not working. Kindly could u plz help me to solve my problem.

    • Hi Bharath Kumar, this might be a hardware problem – take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

      • My display is broken….can u plz tell me wat is the cost of Display for Asus zenfone 5

  • Hi this is shahbaz alam
    asus zenfone max lcd cost please

    • Hi Shahbaz, it might be around 2,500 to 3,000

  • HI My Asus Zenfone 5 in not charging when I turn it on, once charged in turn off mode its ok . I think not the USB cable is the problem, I tried it on other devices also. and a small hint that three days back my phone was wet due to rain after that its happened, is it due to the rain effect? plz suggest.

    • Hi, yes it might be because of water. Take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hello sir,
    the warranty of my asus zenfone 5 tooj has expired.
    and the phone is giving me too much trouble like cannot install system update and signal strength is very low since it fell down once.
    can i still get it repaired at service center??

    • Hi Subhm Agrawal, yes you can get it serviced but it will be chargable

  • My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can't imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  • Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  • Hi i have bought Asus ZenFone max z010d in july'16 suddenly my voice of speaker is very low and am not able to hear other person voice… can i get this checked in service centre

  • Update version android 6 marshmallow is very bad bcoz it is getting heat soon and with hours battery drain, I want to downgrade from Android 6 marshmallow to lollipop 5, so suggest me how to do it…. Rply me..

    • Hi Pramod Kumar, update is one way – only the service center will be able to downgrade it. Can you please call the nearest ASUS authorized service center and check with them.

  • Hi New ASUS ZenFone max mobile is got problem.
    From today morning on words my Mobil display is jumping I mean half of display is jumping to words up side of display .

    • Hi Baburao, if its been only few days since you got your mobile then file for a replacement. Else contact ASUS customer support on how to resolve this issue – http://findmobileservice.com/asus-mobile-service-centers-india/

      • Hi I thank you for your response I purchased my ZenFone max in august 5th so is it possible to get replesnent ?now?

        • Hi Baburao, its already been more than 30 days, we think you will not be able to get replacement.

  • my phone is not responding anything so i tried to open the battery but unfortunately power supply wires are broken,is it possible to repair my mobile are not? and model is asus zenfone 5

    • Hi Naresh, take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • and sir i dont have warranty card? will u sollve it are not


    • Hi Naresh, ASUS service center may be able to track your mobile warranty using IMEI number. Please call them and confirm with them.

  • I am using Asus Zenfone 5 model my power button is not working how to fix it n if I replace the power button how much it costs ?

    • Hi Sowmith, we don't know the service cost. Please call the service center and confirm the price.

  • Hi,my mobile model asuszenfone 2,problem is speakers,and mouth problem,wham iam i have warranty…

  • haiii i bought asus mobile 2 month back

    my battery was not charging i went to asus mobile center they are taken reparing that part taking time nearly on month after repating was done once again touch problem occuered in my mobile i went to asus mobile center again they are taking once again 1 month for raparing problem is soluved i used the mobile 1 week after again problem start with battery again i went to asus service center totaly my mobile was reparing 3 times with in 3 months according my opinion whoever never use asus mobiles please be think it

    • Hi Harikrishna, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please report the problem to ASUS customer care using their toll free number – 1800 209 0365 (Global) (Mon-Sat: 09:00 AM – 18:00 PM)

  • every month i went to asus service center can be repalace my mobile with new one plg it possible or not

  • My mobile is Asus ZenFone max. Its getting slow. And gallery is not working properly. Not opened photos & videos. Some times its totally hang. Please solve my problems. Otherwise inform service centres in hyderabad.

  • customer care also not properly respond my phone asus zenfone max problem any help doing ur side
    i was 2 times repair my phone in with in 2 times

  • Sir mobile model No Asus zenfone 2laser 550kl screen kaa daymeg kare screen price kaaa kethe sir

  • my is not charging at all,,, tried al chargers i have but no use

    • Hardware problem, get your mobile serviced

  • Asus Zenfone laser2..my phone is fully dipped due to rain..now it is continuously vibrating but not swithing on..can you fix it??

    • Hi Reddy, don't try to turn it ON, remove the back panel and let it dry for the full night. Take your mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • my asus zenfon 2 laser 550kl was not charging……also i am failure to charging it by other chargers …what is the problem can you help me?

  • How much does it cost to fix a broken glass for ASUS zenfone 4 (only touchscreen digitizer).

  • Hi I purchased my Zenfone 2 3 months back and phone is not charging and not powering on

    • Hi Aniket, visit nearest ASUS service center and get it fixed.

  • My Asus Zenfone Laser2 (Model ASUS_Z00ED) ZE500KL , LED displaying RED continuously. Is it a virus problem? I tried Factory Data Reset, but no use. Everything is fine except RED light indicator. Kindly help me.

    • No its not virus. You might have changed some indicator settings

  • l have ZenFone5 it switch off very oftenly.and battery also drains quickly in just an hour

    • Take your ASUS mobile to nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • My Zenfone 2 laser touch is not working properly. It activates suddenly and carries all the operations which are done before. Is it a virus issue? I have done Factory reset too, but no use. Kindly help me.

  • i kept my fone for charging for 3 hours the fone is heated and switched off not even oning also

    • Hi Stanley, visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Sir my phone zenfone2 laser charge ekkadam ledu when switchoff the phone after charge avuthundi malli thiste malli ekkadam ledu please solve the problem sir i have warranty card Xerox

    • ASUS device problem. Hi Rajendran, visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hii sir this is vijay im using asus zenfone 2 laser.im facing problem with mike.i have one year warrenty too .so what shouli do now….??

  • hii im facing problem with my asus zenfone 2 laser .mike is not working .i have one year manufacturing warrenty.so what shoul i do now.

    • Hi Vijaykumar, visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Hi, i am facing some problem – calling person unable to hear my voice. please provide your solution.

    • Hi Vivek, visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get if fixed.

  • Hi Venkat… the screen for my ASUS Zen Fone 5 is broken… can you please let me know how much would it cost to get this replaced at ASUS service center and how m,uch time would they take.

    Please let me know the Service Center contact details in hyd.

    I tried calling the Hyd Service Center # 040- 4004 8285… with no reponse.

    • Hi Swapna, the above number is as per the Brand website. Can you try calling ASUS customer support team – 1800 209 0365 (Global) (Mon-Sat: 09:00 AM – 18:00 PM)
      or you can live chat with them: goo.gl/eybaz5

  • Hi, My Mobile is Asus Zenfone 5, Its working fine from 1 year. Now can't read data for transfer mobile to PC. And can't work headphone jack also. pls suggest me.

    • Visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • hello,
    i have zenfone 2 laser 5.5, it was working fine for a month from purchased date but now its not switching on after some software update, i had done factory reset also but now again its creating the same problem

    • Visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • my asus zenfone max 4g mobile not getting reliance jio 4G sim barcode what is the problem plg tell me

    • Visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hi I bought Asus earphones on July 2016 in Flipkart e-commerce site. It got physically damaged last month…can it be replaced by new ear phones… please let me know the process and address in Hyderabad..

    • Please contact Flipkart customer support team

  • Hi i brought Asus zenfone max 550kl on March 2016 in amozon . suddendly my touch screen in not working so that i cant able to access my mobile … so plz let me know the process Asap…

    • Call the service center and report the issue to them.

  • Hi Hi I bought Asus zenphone max 550kl in march 2016 through amazon.. form past 2 days my touch screen is not working suddenly so warranty will be claimed for me? plese let me know the process as soon as possible

    • Please call the service center and confirm with them.

  • I bought Asus Zenfone2 in Dec-2015 ,now i am facing a lot of problem with sound in phone calls But if i hear music then its fine

  • When I was using my mobile it getting too heat…I bought ASUS ZenFone2 recently..why is it getting heat? Please replay me…I have chance to replace the mobile…
    quick response is greatly appreciated
    thank you

    • Hi Srinivas, visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed. Carry your warranty card along with you

  • Sir

    Sim got struck inside the SIM1 slot and not coming out. How do I remove it from the slot. Sim was made normal big sim to mini sim by mobile store personnel. Using in other mobile where it is not a push type slot. Suggest how to get back the SIM.

    (V. S. Kumar)

  • I am facing Issue with Asus Charging Problem. Please help me.

    • Try charging the ASUS mobile with a different charger

  • can i find asus charger in the show room

    • Call the ASUS service center and check with them

  • My phone is ovwr discharging

    • Use ASUS auto start manager and disable all apps running in the background

  • Hi..

    I need service center locations…

    • Check the post for ASUS service center address

  • Sir I have bought a asus_ZOOAD mobile on line in March 2016.i can't make calls through jio sim. It requires configuration update . Pl. Solve my problem.

    • Contact the service provider and report the issue

  • Hi, I have an ASUS phone which was purchased on June month.It worked fine for 3months.Since from 2 months, all of a sudden my phones network connection will be lost.I am using Airtl.Sometimes it is fine ,but most of the times all signals will be lost and the symbol will be shown with Red cross mark.Signal will not get connected even after restart also.I tried changing other SIM cards also.But didn't worked.My phone is under warranty only.

    What might be the problem?Will this problem be covered under warranty?
    Do you have only one servicing center in secunderabad or any near to kukatpally. please suggest..

    • Hi Jahnavi, visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it serviced

  • Asus zenfone 3 is good but it is not suported any auto cal recarding apps

  • my asus zenfone max,sim slot 2 is not getting any signal since 1day,what would be the problem?? how it will get fixed…

    • Visit nearest ASUS authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hi, I am not able to boot my Asus zenphone 5. could any one assist where can I get the resolution for this and how much it may cost.

    • Visit nearest ASUS Zenfone service center in Hyderabad and get it fixed

  • I want charger of asus ZenFone 2 . where can I find it in delhi

  • hi sir i want to buy charger for asus zenfone laser 2 ze550kl.Is it available in ur zenfone store?if not where can i get it?

  • Hai sir, i got my asus zenfone max on october 6th. It is good at the starting days,but from past two days my phone screen is getting blurred alot. The blur is not at all stopping from past two days. I dont know what to do. Please give me a suggestion sir. Waiting for your reply sir.

  • hii sir.my phone asus zenfone 2 laser.recently i purchased it. from few days back iam getting shock like feeling my finger getting hurt whet i type plzz solve my problem….

  • Hi Sir, my phone is Asus Zenfone 2, I purchased it 8 months back. From last one week I'm getting a pop-up like swipe along the circle for quick access to protect your apps but it is not visible.The pop-up is coming and going for every 30Sec the screen is blinking continuously, due to that the phone is not charging and today suddenly my microphone is not working. I'm getting calls, I'm able to hear their voice but they are unable to hear my voice.Its making me irritate. Please help me with a solution.

  • Hi sir, my Asus Zenfone 5 yesterday it was switched off it was not oning at all,my phone was out of warranty please solve the problem

  • Hi Sir,

    This is Sagar from Hyderabad. I got my Asus zenfone max on July 16th. It is good at the starting days,but from past two days my phone is getting restarting ON and OFF continuously at 5 times .And presently,my mobile device touch is not working properly,it was strucked and doesn't working.I don't know what to do.please solve the problem as soon as possible.I hope awaiting for your positive reply.



  • hiii sir my phn is asus zenfone 2 laser …. i hve reset my phn …now i m getting a prblm of sign in in google account i have given the mail whch i hve used fr my mobile bt nw i cant opn it nd its sayng please use the goggle account which u have synced to ur mobile .. plzzz help me out

  • Hey I bought my phone before 2 months ….battery coming down very fastly …..its draining quickly even if it is 5000mah …..wats the problem it has warranty to

  • Hi….
    My phone is asus ZenFone 4.5
    I have a problem in my phone.My phone back speaker &vibrater not working …what i do plz tell me

  • Hi, I have purchased Asus Zenfore on 1st August, 2016. now Iam facing problem contact nos are not syncing, battery discharging fast and charger failed just two months. Plz suggest me.

  • Hello Team,
    I have asus zenfone 2 laser 5.5 3gb phone(specific). My screen is broken despite of having a tempered glass screen guard on. I just wanted to ask an actual cost of a new screen.

    Also, I've purchased it online and it's just 5 months old. Will I get any discount or something regarding this?

  • hai asus team

    my mobile asus zenfone laser2 je550kl is not working properly when I call any numer that time phone disply is atomaticaally off I cant see the call duration and call timing. so what can I do for this problem.

  • hi, my asus ZenFone max z010d call barring disabled. no call is going outside. pl suggests solution

  • My asus phone front and back both cameras are not working. And frequently struk and not working.please solve the problem.I am from nandyal,kurnool dist.

  • Hi asus service team.
    My mobile asus zenfone 2 je550ml the disply is not working even if it is replaced can you tell me whats the problem and what cost to be replace the hardware.




  • My ASUS Zenfone max speaker is not working correctly..Sometimes it is giving correct sound and sometimes very low or no sound at all

    Problem while accesing media files and call both..

    Please suggest

  • Hi

    My asus zenfone display broken .

    Please let me know the address of service center details


  • hi asus team, am using zenfone 5 sim slots are not working .how much will tbe the price of this strip

  • Hi,
    Can u please help me out from this problem.

    With Regards,

  • Hi Asus Team, I have A Strange Issue with My Sensors:

    The screen dosent Unlock By Double Tapping, and Screen Goes Blank when I Handle Watsapp, Hike Audio Calls.. Even though I have TURNED OFF Proximity Sensir, Still I'm facing the Issue and Even Proximity Test Has Failed which We Do By Typing .12345+= in Calculator…… I dont Use Any Tempered Glass Or Screen Protector

    So It it Hardware Issue or Software Issue…….??

  • hii my asus zenfone max3 have some problem calls and many mor functons are not working there have a notification so me "process system is not responding " now how can solve this problem.