Lenovo Mobile Service Center in Kurnool

August 2, 2016

Lenovo Mobile Service Center Information:

Lenovo Mobile Service Centers in Kurnool – Address, Contact Number, Email address. There is 1 Lenovo Mobile Service Center in Kurnool, on Park Road.

Lenovo Mobile Service Center in Park Road, Kurnool Contact Details:

Name: Anwar Communications
Address: SHOP NO: 40-383A1, 1st Floor Bhupal Complex, Park Road
City: Kurnool
State: Andhra Pradesh
Pincode: 518001
Contact Number 1: 08518-226977
Contact Number 2: 9866024216
Email: anwar_kurnool@caresupportindia.com
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Supported Product types: Smartphones and Tablets

* Call the Lenovo Service Center before planning your visit, to ensure that the service center address is correct and is open for service.
** Please comment below if you find any of the above information incorrect, we will fix it immediately. Thanks in advance

* Thanks in Advance

Please report any incorrect information by commenting below - we will fix it ASAP

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  • My mobile (Lenovo phab2) give a crack upside I don't know either inside screen given or outside glass given

  • Is service is open on sundays?

  • is service open on sunday?

  • Hi sir Ian gowri gov.tab display is broken and not working.so plz send how much cost the for repair plz send me

  • My Lenovo k4 note is some touching problems and hanging and sound problem,how to solve it

  • Hi sir my mobile k5 note. …Lenovo….This mobile hearing low voice….Other mobile…. Please say what's i reason….

  • Lenovo A70000 motherboard price

  • My mobile is k5 note my voice is coming low hearing on other mobile

  • Sir my sim slot is not opened pls give solution
    My mobile is Lenovo k6 power

  • My mobile screen has broken how much does is cost to change it

  • Dear sir .I have lenovo k6 power mobile which company released recently.new mobile is "Restarting continuously". Pls give solution for this

    • It is mtk thermal problem for lenovo

  • lenovo p1m vibe mobile is very problem tome

  • Sir iam dande venki iam using lenovo vibe k5 the mobile is software update problem so it is not on where is lenovo care my contact number

  • Sir my lenovok3 note is system undated in my phone but (unfortunately,the procees com.android.phone has stopped ) this problem is shown my phone

  • my lenovoi vibe k5plus motherboard damaged how much cost

  • Hi sir I am manoj am using lenovo my mobile very slow pls where is lenovo care in adhoni my mobile number is

    • Check the post for Lenovo service center address in Kurnool

  • Hi my Lenovo vibe k5 note is not accepting conference calls between two numbers I need ur help

    • Update your caller app by visiting Google play store and check if it helps

  • Hii sir iam using lenovo vibe p1m mobile it is touch problem where is lenovo care in kurnool

  • Hello
    My lenovo k3 note touch screen problem downside area and my warranty Period is going to end by 28th Oct 2016. Anyone help me I m from adoni

    • Visit nearest Lenovo mobile service center in Kurnool ASAP and get it fixed

  • Hello ! I'm Ganesh ,on 9th October I buyed Lenovo zuk z1but it not performing well …where is the services centers in kurnool

    • Check the post for Lenovo service center in Kurnool, call the above numbers before planning your visit

  • Sir,
    I have purchased lenovo vibe p1 m mobile on 23rd Sep 2016 through flipcart.
    Actually i liked very much.But after few days I am facing problem with networks which is disturbing more on daily basis.
    Both network icons suddenly disappearing and it will come again within seconds. It was very disturbing me when I am talking to others and if I am doing any works in online suddenly both networks disappearing I is occurring 15-20 times per day.
    So resolve my problem
    Pls do needful.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    • In network settings enable both 2G / 3G mode, so that if 3G goes off it automatically connects to 2G. Also talk to Flipkart and ask them if its possible to replace the device.

  • Hai sir,….. My phone touch is not working (k3 note). Half side working, half side not working .

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

      • Sir, I have purchased invoice (bill) . Is Lenovo service center fix the phone touch problem free of cost?.?? Plz reply .

        • Broken display is not covered under warranty terms. Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Sir
    I have bought a new mobile of lenovo zuk z1
    Its having charging problem

    • Hi Venkatesh, visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hi iam using lenovo vibe p1m mobiles … I have two issues in my mobiles .. Camera issue and flash issue…

  • a6000 display damage new display price detail

    • Hi Ravi, it will cost around 2.5 k. Check the image on our website side bar.

  • hi sir I'm Mahesh
    my lenovo a6000 software problem

    • Hi Mahesh, take you mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

    • Hai sir this balaji my phone software problem also what can I do tell me sir are call this number

  • lenovo a600 plus supar

  • sir my lenovo k3note is not charging in on mode but charging off mode where is the service center in kurnool

    • Hi Siva, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • My mobile (Lenovo k3 note) touch is not working properlyi bought it from online
    Where should I give it for service?

    • Take it to nearest Lenovo authorized service center as mentioned in the post.

  • Sir my Mobil phone is lenovo A6000+ software problem

    • Hi Surya, don't try to follow online tutorials for updating your mobile. You might end up bricking your device. I would suggest you to take it to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • my phone lighting problem

  • Where can I buy Lenovo vibe p1m in Kurnool?

  • is there any working lenova mobile service centre in kurnoll?

    • Hi Mahaboob, sorry for the inconvenience. We have updated the correct details, please call the number in post. And thanks for reporting the discrepancy, you are doing a great job.

  • sir my lenovo k3 note phone is not charging in switch on but charging is good in switch off what solution in this problem

    • Hi Siva, check with a different mobile charger. If you have the same problem get your mobile fixed in Lenovo authorized service center.

      • my already checked with different chargers same problem but also phone switch off so good charge (phone is on not charge) why this problem how to get

        • Hi Siva, that's sad. Take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • sir my lenovo mobile vibe p1m order cancelled

  • Hi Sir, Lenovo K3 note micro phone is not working at all please help

  • hello sir,I'm using Lenovo vibe p1m
    this mobile is daily strucked,please solve my problem plz………………

  • Hi Sir, I am using Lenovo k3 note but , my touch pad (key board is not working properly these numbers are not working 0 and * and #

  • Hi , lenovo k4 note is lot of heating problem , please any solution , heat is reached to 50° c

  • My lenovo vibe p1 is hang is soloun

  • My lenovo A7000 is suddenly hang and restart.
    When I use net in this mobile is automatic return in main window.

  • My Mobile Lenovo K3 note screen has been broken

  • Hi sir my mobile blank screen no recovery mode no down mode but mobile continuosly vibrate pls tell me Sol….

    • Hi sir my mobile lenovo a6000+ blank screen no recovery mode no down mode but mobile continuosly vibrate pls tell me Sol….

  • My lenovo 6000 plus mobile sensor not working


  • Sir my phone speaker is not working properly it is k3 note what should i do

  • My mobile touch is not working properly what is the problem

  • My lenovo k3 note charging complet half day why this problem.

  • I purchased a lenovo vibe p1m mobile before 2 months, now it's not charging. What to do for this problem

  • My phone lenovoa7000 on off switch not woking

  • my sd card is not work

  • My phone speaker is not working properly.it completed 8 months so phone is in warranty.When should I come to care.

  • Sir my touch is not working properly and also camer is also clarity missing and mobile is slow

  • My mobile phone not working since two days last few months back u have rectified
    but once again same proublem arised pl what can i do present u con plaze R K Solutions
    not given support ? please give me details ok


  • My cell is not taking charge
    Lenovo k3 notr

    • Hi Chand,
      Take your mobile to Lenovo authorized service center in Kurnool and get it fixed.

      • I have been suffering with this problem from three months. I have not find a single service center at knl pls send me address contact details

      • My phone has been strucked for a lot of time A 7000

  • Charging problem lenovoA6000+

    • Hi Ravichandra, take your mobile to Lenovo service center to get it fixed, it might be a hardware problem.