Lenovo Mobile Service Center in Visakhapatnam

October 6, 2017

Lenovo Mobile Service Center in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – Address, Contact Number are listed below. If you have any problem with your Lenovo mobile, kindly contact the service centers officials. There is 1 Lenovo authorized mobile service center in Visakhapatnam.

List of Lenovo Mobile Service Centers in Visakhapatnam:

Lenovo mobile service center in Ramnagar, Visakhapatnam

Name: Bright Infocom
Address: Ashok, 10-5-11, Ramnagar OR
101 34, Shop-7, Lakshmi Sridevi Plaza, B/S Sampath Vinayak Temple, Asilmetta, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam – 530016
City: Visakhapatnam
State: Andhra Pradesh
Contact Number: +91 8912706706 / +91 8912568578 / 0891-2568578 / 7386131295
Email: ashok222007@gmail.com
Zipcode: 530003
Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Working Days: Monday – Saturday [Excluding Sunday and India public holidays]
Products Serviced: Lenovo Smartphones

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  • Suddenly mobile Lenovo k6 power switch off

  • my settings are problem solve it

  • Would like to replace battery.How much cost?

  • Would like to replace battery.what will be the cost?

  • Respected sir..
    I brought new Lenovo k6 power mobile.but now on my mobile display crack is there .so how much cost that display glass.please tell me .

  • lenovo k6 power display was breaked
    how much cost

    • Suddenly mobile switch off

  • Sir
    My Lenovo k6 note 8 month old.mobile is not charge. Last 3/4 days. What I am doing?

  • Lenovo BL-253 battery is required and how much cost

  • Sir I have Lenovo k50a40 model …everything is fine but …..the screen temporary glass was broken …and little inner screen also damaged….how much cost it takes to repair my phone .. .

  • Bright Infocom Authorised service center for Motorola and Lenovo in visakhapatnam is one of the best service center in visakhapatnam, engineers technically very sound.

    • Hi Phani Sekhar, can you please share your correct address and contact details. And are you authorized service center for Lenovo?

  • Lenovo PHAB2 plus Mobile screen damage.PB2 670M

  • Hi sir, I am having lenovo vibe 5k plus. The touch screen is broken but the phone is working. Can the touch screen is changing. Pl reply when I come to your shop and replace the touch screen how much time.

    • you can come directly to Service center and contact Mr.Phani Sekhar (incharge)

  • Sir,
    My mobile is lenovo k4 note, 18month odd, mobile's screen is not working, toch is not supported in three keypad also, plz give me useful suggestions.

  • Hloooo sir,my phone 'lenovo zuk z1' fingerprint is not working since it is not completed its warrenty period.so what to do now

  • Recently i have done factory reset. From then My Lenovo k6 power taking nearly 11hours to charge completely. I have already written to lenovo they said that there may be issue with the charge. My charger has warranty. Can you solve it?
    Solve this issue.

  • Haii sir my mobile is lenove k6 power suddenly my screen touch is not working .Can I know why it happened so and whether it will be covered in warranty and can u provide me service center number in visakhapatnam.i have recently purchased it in may

  • my mobile model is lenovo VIBE. screen was broken so is it possible to change the screen.

  • Purchased Lenovo vibe one year ago. Presently downloading speed very very slow, though 4G signal full. Downloading in WiFi very good.Pls tell me how to solve this problem.

  • sir we have purchased lenova K 6 note smart phone ,now its back button is not functioning. also total
    buttons below the screen are not fubctionng. what could be done. lease suggest for rectification of the problem.



  • Hi my lenovo vibe k5. Smart phone was soft ware problem can u slove it pls reply me

  • Sender is not working and automatically stopped the light and phone .

  • Lenovo ic problam

  • I have lenovo 6000 it was off suddenly after sometime it was on but it was hanging so much front camera icon doesn't shown ( software board and camera ka repare) how much price had been taken to repare and how many days

    • Hi, can you please call the service center number and check with them directly

  • I have Lenevo k6 power, purchased in month of March dis year.. it's mic is not working properly as other end find very hard to understand wat m saying… N if I used headphone day tym It works…. How can i solve this problem

  • My Lenovo K 6 power smart phone speaker was suddenly problem specified. How can I solve the problem and recovering a new speaker or any other suggestions

  • Hai,
    My Lenovo Vibe X3 is Suddenly Not Working, When I switch on its power on and just stuck on lenovo logo and also when I connect the charger it's Automatically Power up and stuck on lenovo logo what is the problem ! and how much it cost, The Spare Parts is available for Lenovo Vibe X3 ?

  • Lenovo A 6000 battery available or not which cost

  • How much coast original lenovo k3 note display

  • M having Lenevo k6 power, purchased in month of Feb dis year.. it's mic is not working properly as other end find very hard to understand wat m saying… N if I used headphone day tym It works….

  • my lenovo k4 note display broken can i get it replaced….without combo pack both display and touch……i just want only display….

  • my lenovo k4 note display broken can i get it replaced….without combo pack both display and touch……i just want only display….

  • Hai Sir My Lenovo A6600 Mobile Heats increased When I

    Operates My Mobile..Please Solve the Problem sir


  • Dear Sir,
    My Lenovo a2010-a is making sounds while touching on the item like wise when i click on message u have clicked n message.pls solve my problem.my mobile number is .

  • Sir
    I was purchased the Lenovo Vibe K5 plus in the month of August, I am using Jio number in my mobile my mobile is LTE, with out internet (Volte) How can use Relieance Jio number

  • Hi

    I have taken Lenovo k5 note 7 Months back and now phone speaker is not working any incoming call I have to talk with loud speaker phone. Also today I noticed that music system audio also coming very low and some songs are plying with distrubences.

    I petty that why this was happen. I can use phone alway neat and clean with out dust.

    N.Venkata Rao
    Dy.Manager-Distribution dept
    Coromandel International Ltd


  • Hai sir. My Lenovo a 6000 mobile suddenly battery down if charging now not increased 5 points up you please solve the problem sir

  • Hi,I brought a Lenovo k3 note in2017jan the camera was not working yet please suggest me a solution

  • Hi ..my lenovo k3 mobile not downloading anything even if having more space.reply

  • hi.. im hari .. my phone model is '' lenovo vibe k5'' my phone did not catch signals properly.. so what im do… plz reply earlier as possible…

  • Dear Sir,
    My lenovo A6000 was fallen in water so it is not working
    So please tell me authorized lenovo service centres in visakhapatnam.

  • My lenevo mobile A7000 is missing my imei no.866225024305274, 866225024305282, please try to track mobile location, and also using with GSM duel SIM 8500926584, 8328084618, If at found kindly make a call to Ravishankar Akkayyapalem, vizag, ph.no. 8978080470


  • hii sir my mobiles charging port is not working well i want to replace it how much cost it is???

  • My phone lenvo vibe p1m flash logth very dim please how to solve this problem

  • HI sir i am using Lenovo a6000 it was over heating even not using time and full charging drying in half n hour pls help me

  • Hello sir ,
    Please tell me lenovo service center in Visakhapatnam excluding ram nagar service center …

  • Hi I purchased lenovo phab one week back it is not working the screen is not opening if it is is suddenly closed while working

  • Sir
    I deposited LENOVO K3 NOTE MOBILE on 24/11/2016 for changing display but till date no reply so i awaiting reply please.

  • Sir
    I deposited LENOVO K3 NOTE MOBILE on 24/11/2016 for changing display but till date no reply so i awaiting reply please.

    • Sir
      I deposited LENOVO K3 NOTE MOBILE on 24/11/2016 for changing display but till date no reply so i awaiting reply please.

  • Hi sir,

    I have lenovo phab, the problem is its not getting charged, i have done d factory reset as well..but i cant find any solution to it, d battery is completly dead and its not accepting any charger either from other chargers and from the pc..can you please help me with a solution..awaiting your reply

    Thanks & regards

  • My lenovo A6000 speaker is not working,wt was the remedie for that

  • Sir latest I purchase lenova vibe k5 note 4gb ram is is comportabi for inser 2sims and sd card at a time pl reply

  • sir, my lenova tab charging is over. i forget last 10 days. when i charging the tab , do not charged . how, please give me suggestions, and help me LANKA SRINIVASA MURTY –

  • my lenova tab forget charging and i also forget switched off after 10 days my tab charging not charged. Lanka Srinivasa murty

  • Sir, my lenova tab 2 A7 – 30 16GB (3G + Wifi, Calling, Black) is not turned ON. October, 13th 2016 my tab charging , that is the last charging. Yesterday my tab charging try to do, but not charging the tab.
    Please give suggestion .

  • Hi.. This is sekhar ..,I owned New lenovi vibe k5 mobile in flipkart..,after months I found there is a defect in rear camera is not working.. How to solve this and the mobile is getting heated up so quickly… Without using any apps.. What the. . hell with this company… Which making people fools…

  • my lenovo k3 note కింద పడి డిస్ప్లే పై గీతలు పడ్డాయి టచ్ మటుకు అక్కడ అక్కడ పని చేస్తుంది గ్లాస్ అంత tuch పనిచేయటం లేదు డిస్ప్లై వేసుకోవాలంటే ఒరిజినల్ లెనోవో డిస్ప్లే ఎంత అవుతుంది చెప్పారా ప్లీజ్
    అనకాపల్లి వైజాగ్ లలో లెనోవో మొబైల్ సర్వీస్ సెంటర్స్ ఉంటే వాటి అడ్రెస్స్ అండ్ ఫోన్ నంబర్స్ ఇవ్వరా నా మొబైల్ నెంబర్

  • Any one give me a suggesition to resolve my problem

  • Dear Sir

    I am using Lenovo A-2010 since last 1 mnth my mobile phone not getting tower Recently the phone was given to Authorized service center at visakhapatnam to fix the problem but unfortunately the problem remains same and authorize center failed to fix the problem.

    • Can you report the issue which you faced to Lenovo customer support team: 1800-3000-7678

  • My lenovo vibek5 mobile was having a trouble with unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped problem from yesterday I was updated the system updated to volte to use Reliance's jio please help me I am having warranty …my number can u give me your number

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • My lenovo vibek5 mobile was having a trouble with unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped problem from yesterday I was updated the system updated to volte to use Reliance's jio please help me I am having warranty …

  • Sir
    My lenovo vibek5 prime mobile screen damaged…can you fix that????

    • Yes, the Lenovo service center in Visakhapatnam should be able to fix it. Call the service center and check for the spare part availability

  • sir

    In Ram nagar service centre is not good Technicians not respond to customers.please take necessary action

    • Hi Srinivas, please call the Lenovo customer support team and report the issue which you faced – 1800-3000-7678

  • Sir my Lenovo screen has been breaker due to some inconvenience. I have warranty UpTo 2016-11-17. So can I have another screen for free?

    • Broken*

    • Hi Sandeep, no changing display is chargeable. Its not covered under warranty

  • My Lenovo Mobile K4 Note Sim2 Not Working Call Me

    • Hi Gopal, visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed. Carry your warranty card along with you

  • there are battery working without change fine today thank you

  • Dear Sir,
    my camera is not functioning so what is the problem can you tell

    • Hi Manoj, it might be a software problem. Can you put your mobile in SAFE mode and try if your camera is working? Follow the steps mentioned here – goo.gl/THG7ty

  • Dear sir,

    In ramnagar service center technicians are not responding as per the customer requirements.they simply saying this phone is not working and they damages the mobile which was given with out any problem.plz respond for this complaint as early as possible

    • Call the Lenovo customer support team and report the issue – 1800-3000-7678

  • can i get soloution on lenove care centre other replace the battary

  • mu phone is k4 note my phone standy by upto 7 hours but battery draining automatically 50 % but is solution

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hello sir i hv purchased lenovo zuk z1 on may 2016
    Now it slowly goa bend in phone
    If i placed tempered glass to screen, it is slow getting cracked on the bend area….
    Will i get the replacement of mymobile

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and check if they can fix it

  • my phone is totally bricked when iam flashing with desktop suddenly the power cut of my house. u can update my mobile

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed. They may charge to fix it

  • My mobile Lenovo zuk z1 power button was not working.. Please give me a good solution..

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Dear sir I purchased a mobile vibe k5 two months back.. but the incoming calls are not ringing when it is in sleeping position. Please guide me what to do..

  • Haii sir, I am using lenovo vibe k5…My charger cable is not working properly it takes 4 -5 hours time to full charge the battery…Any replacement for the charger in lenovo service centre

    • Yes, they will replace / repair if its still under warranty.

  • hello sir, this is amith now am using lenovo k4 note ,it got a crack on screen and my primary mic is also not working so, does this all clam in warranty or if not how much will it cost for fix a new screen and primary mic.

    • Hi Amith, you will be charged for replacing it. Call the nearest Lenovo authorized service center and check for price to service

  • hello sir i using Lenovo a7000 suddenly one day morning screen is showing white lines and green shade i don't know if it is software or hardware problem i haven't dropped my phone it is working fine till last night

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Hi ,

    I am using Lenovo Vibe K5 Note. I had a problem with it like all of a sudden my mobile volume button got tight and could'nt able to press it properly and some times i could not able to reduce volume by using the volume button. Can you provide me the solution for it. And let me know the good service center in vizag for Lenovo K5 Note Mobile.


    • Please check the post for Lenovo service center address

  • Hi sir….my lenovo a 6000 + Mobile battery damaged original battery how much cost sir
    Plz rply

    • Hi Ravi, we don't have the Lenovo spare part price list. Please call the service center and check with them.

  • helo sir
    i am at kurmanpalem i have lenovak3note. i purchased it from amazon in january month in this year. my problem is a shodow line formed around the corners of scree like a square, what should i do i dont know please tell me near by lenova service centers

    • Visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • My Lenovo k5 note got stuck while restarting and no further reboot was going can u plz tell me the soln fr this?

    • Hi Nikhil, visit nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • sir..my lenovo 6000 mobile is stolen ..so pls..how to block my mobile with IMEI number? please reply me sir

  • Sir,
    Lenovo A1000 mobile touch Screen not working, I have trying 4-5 times Switch Off and On my mobile but did't work, please help

    • Hi Pawan, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Sir my mobile lenovoa6000 touch not working plz reply me

    • Hi Prasad, it might be hardware problem. Take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hi,

    I am using Lenovo K3 note and from last few weeks my mobile battery suddenly dropping to Zero and going to switch off mode. Even just two days back I have changed the battery also, but still the problem remains the same. I am located at Gajuwaka, So plz suggest me nearest service center near to Gajuwaka.

    • Hi Siva, its a problem with your battery. There are no Lenovo service center in Gajuwaka, please visit other nearest service center. Do call the service center number before planning your visit to ensure the address is correct and they are open for service.

  • hai sir my mobile Lenovo A680 my touch not worked. how much price. it available in vizag

    • Call and check the price with the Lenovo service center

  • my lenova k4 note screen is damazed can i claim it in warrenty

    • Not possible, for replacing the display you will be charged

  • no one is receiving my call

    • Hi Vamshi, call the Lenovo customer care team. Toll free number : 180030007678

  • Sir,
    I have purchased lenovo vibe P1 m through flipkart online store last month and I don't have any bill for this.Now I am facing problem while charging. I have only warrenty card with me .Can I claim for this complaint with out bill at your service center.

    • Hi Anil Reddy, yes warranty card is enough to claim the warranty.

  • sir , can u suggest how can make to normal mode

    • Its not possbile Murty, its the design of Lenovo mobiles.

      • ok, thank you Mr.Venkatesha for the information. nice chatting with u sir.

        • Thank you Murty, same here. Can you please spare a few minutes and provide your feedback about our site, we will work on improving it.

  • Hi. My name is Lakshmi Narayana and I am using lenovo vibe p1 from mrng onwards fast charging is not going on with the turbo charger given. Suggest any change if I can do it in my mob to get it into fast charging.

    • Hi Narayana, vist nearest Lenovo authorized mobile service center and get your charger / mobile tested. If there is nay problem they will rectify it

      • i do but sometimes it does not work sir.

  • My Lenovo vibe k5, (gold 16gb)purchased in august this year from Amazon, has a problem of receiving call swipe screen is vertical display instead of horizontal as in all mobiles and when incoming call is on, i could not be able to swipe and receive call. How can i fix it.

    • Hi Murthy, change the device orientation and check again.

      • thanks for prompt reply sir, how can i change devise orientation sir, can you please explain the procedure sir.

        • Hi Murthy try these steps:
          1. Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen / screen rotation – OFF

          • Thanks for your prompt reply sir. As you said i have gone to setting/display, but there is no Auto-rotate screen / screen rotation – OFF button sir.
            the following buttons are seen in Lenovo vibe k5 moblile:

            1. VR Split screen mode switch
            long press the power button to display the "VR split screen mode'
            2, brightness level
            3.screen effect -screen display of hue, satiation – default mode.
            4.wallpaper- default
            5. sleep- After 5 min. of inactivity
            6. daydream -OFF
            7 Front size -LARGE
            please tell where i did mistake/.
            I repeat my problem.
            when incoming call is active, the screen display is in vertical mode instead of horizontal and i am not able to swipe the screen and receive calls. generally we use to swipe green to red the position is horizontal. but here the position is vertical, red top and green bottom,.
            please note that it is not screen rotation problem, which works normally. hope you understand my problem.

            i also request any of the viewers having the same problem please let me know how they reset the problem. thanks

          • Hi Murthy, its just a different UI. You can swipe down to receive the calls since green is in bottom.

  • Hi sir
    My phone suddenly stops working
    Why do I do

  • may i know the price details of lenovo a7000 plus touch and display in lenovo servie center visakhapatnam

  • Hlo.. This is Amith I bought a lenovo k4 mobile just 3 months back and now because of some incident my mobile screen was damaged and mic is also not working So. My question is does it claims for warranty or we have pay money..??

  • my phone is Lenovo A6000 it is hanging so many times in day,so what is the problem?
    hanging times very high when using internet so please guide me what I can do?

  • Can i know the price for repair and now my a6000 plus isn't charging and as usual it's touch isn't functioning properly

    • Hi Srinadh, if your mobile is in warranty period claim it. Take you mobile bill and warranty card to the service center.

  • my phone model is a6000 plus and its touch is not functioning properly and the phone is hanging and becoming slow. Its not charging sometimes, when kept for hrs

    • Hi Srinadh, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Sir I am rajachandra Ruthala..sir I am using lenovo vibe P1 ..phone very very problematic version not update ..Touch ,speaker, screen broader deadline,sound low,data all so not open..how to saloved my problem.I am cell brought date 07-12-2015..nearly 8 the months til…but problems is have….

    • Hi Rajachandra, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed. To claim the warranty take your mobile bills and warranty card along with you.

  • My lenovo vibe p1's fast charging is not working, what might be the problem?

    • Hi Phanindra, not sure. Take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Hi!!!sir….i using lenovo vibe p1m….my mobile's diplay was broken….but i have warranty…..will i pay the extra money??? or not????…plz tell me urgent….

    • Hi Raju, broken display will not be covered under warranty policy. Take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed check the cost with them. Please call the service center number before planning your visit to ensure the address is correct. You can also consider placing a screen guard on top of it and use the mobile if you don't wish to change it.

  • Dear Sir
    My Lenovo Vibe P1M Flash Lighting is very low Please help me

    • Hi Shiva, some phones might be designed that way to save battery.

  • Hi sir
    I am padma I purchased a Lenovo 6000+ Mobile
    I have a problem in my mobile it is getting very heat even when I don't use my mobile

    • Hi Padma, try disabling all apps from running in the background. Trun off data and keep the display brightness at a low level.

  • I purchased lenovo k4 note 4months back now I have a problem with this mobile is when I call to some one they are unable to listen my voice when I used earphone it will be clear this is the problem may I know the solution please.iam living Srikakulam dist in andhrapradesh may i know the correct address of service center near to my home town.
    M.praveen Kumar,
    Srikakulam dist.

    • Hi Praveen Kumar, there are no authorized Lenovo service centers in Srikakulam as per our records. Can you call the Lenovo Toll free number and check with them 1800-3000-7678

  • Hi my name sai.my mobile lenovi vibe k5 gold.problem is mobile very heating sir.calls and seeing to videos mobile is very heat sir .plz salow this my probleam

    • Hi Sai, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

  • Please update address and contact nos. of authorised Lenovo service centres in respective places. The latest address/contact nos. are not updated. We are feeling difficult to find the service center. P Sankara Rao

    • Hi Sankara Rao, thanks a lot for letting us know about the issue. We fixed the addresses

  • i purchased recently lenovo zuk , unfortunately it was fell down ,and got big scratches on screen, might be broken. ,cell working without any problem, can you tell me how much cost for replacement of screen, and how much time take place.

    • Hi Bhanu, we don't have the price list with us. Call the nearest Lenovo authorized service center and check the price with them directly.

      • Mine is lenovo ZUKZ1.. It was running on is -cynogenmod 12.1.
        Many mobiles have already got cm13 update..
        So when I Google it.. Official launch of cm13 is not given for zuk. Bt i found many links .
        Can u plzz instal me if I bring it to ur service centre

        • Hi Anoop Kumar, wait for the official release from Lenovo, they will be sending you an OTA update. If you try on your own your mobile might get bricked.

  • I have Lenovo A6000 Mobile . When I call anyone, they complain that they receive low volume speach. How to rectify.pl.advise.

    • Increase the call volume – try calling someone and then press the volume up button.

  • sir this is Vijay
    am using lenovo A6000 mobile I have buy the mobile at April 17 from past 2 months it is not working good and the mobile is full hanging
    so please give me a solution for this problem

    • Hi Vijay, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed

  • Hi sir,i b buyed lenovo k4 note online from Amazon in March 2016 recently I updated to marshmallow after that my mobile phone is not charging when switched on and charging when switched off also tried different charger also battery draining too fast even on standby mode please help can I get replacement and I don't have Amazon bill please reply me urgently

    • Hi Swetha, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed. Try to get the bill from Amazon order details page or by contacting Amazon (they will be ready to help you). If still you cannot get the bill, you should call the service center and confirm with them

  • Hai sir
    I am using Lenovo Vibe k4 note it has front facing Dolby speakers one of the Speakers was not working what should I do

    • Hi Manikanta, if your mobile is still under warranty period take it to nearest Lenovo authorized service center

  • My phone pin is not working…d songs which I play r not playing say me what to do

  • Hi sir
    Mera phone Lenovo P70A have isme sare application do teen bar show kr rhe h koi suggestions btao ki ye sb n ho

  • sir i am using lenovo after 3 monthes my mobile hanging how to rectification my problem

  • Dear sir my mobile is not updated to new version.my me bial mock is lenovoA1000 plz send me da updated settingss

    • Hi Venky, before trying the below steps ensure that your battery is fully charger, and there is more free space (2.5 GB to 3 GB) free space. Also connect to a good WiFi network, because Software updates will download only when you are connected to WiFi. Android Software update file will not download on mobile data.
      1. Settings > About > System update > Check Update

  • dear sir,

    my lenovo k3 note mobile charger is damaged.how to buy original charger.

    please suggest me.


  • my mobile k3 no lenovo but that mobile switch off come back to display plz help ,me

  • dear sir,
    i bought my lenove k 5 plus, in wify my whats up working but in data 2g and 3 g its not working but google crom working.

    • Hi Vicky, try the below steps and check if it helps you solve the problem:
      1. Reboot your phone
      2. Open Google Play store and update the 'whatsapp' application
      3. Also check your internet settings

  • My home and back buttons are not working. How to fix it ?I have bought it in flipkart and have manufacturer warranty of 1 year.how to fix it?

    • Hi Kiran Kumari, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo mobile service center and get it fixed for free

  • My cell phone was not charging issue in my phone what is the solution for that plz tell me

  • the dolby digital feature in my lenovo vibe k5 plus is not working(got disabled)
    its showing… "unfortunately dolby digital has stopped"
    how to fix it??

  • hi my mobile is lenovo zuk z1 its automatically went to airplane mode and i am unable to deactive it. beaciuse of that my sims services are disabled i am not able to make any calls

  • Recently is. 3 months back I purchased lenova p1ma40 through flipcart in easy instalments. The cell is very nice and good no.of friends suggested for this cell. It is not possible to me to purchase in full cash payment. But unexpectedly it was drowned. Immediately I inform to my friends ,they said remove battery immediately.and kept in open place for two to three hrs. Your problem was solved. But I can't do that because back side of the cell noted :don't remove the battery .I am helpless. Next day the service centre technical staff says it was drowned so warranty not elegible . what can I do sir,can you please take to onetime warranty. Visakhapatnam. . Please make it possible sir. Thank you k.Nageswara Rao visakhapatna . Andhrapradesh.

  • I bought lenovo vibe p1 m mobile in feb-24 2016,but the charger was not working.I want to replace it

  • My mobile was keynote. Screen is breaking. How much cost

  • Hiee sir… I am using Lenovo k3 note.. i am quietly disappointed with the fuctioning of my phone.. i am facing the major problem with wifi amd hotspot.. even my share it, hike direct, every thing related to hotspot is not working.. how can this problem be fixed… i need this problem to be fixed as soon as possible.. what shall i do

  • i am puchased lenovo vibe p1 in jan 2016. In phone found battary problem suddenly down without using ant app, operating system or games to 100% to 42% in one night please give me solution on that to solve that problem & your contact number is wrong, always not reachable found please updated on that

  • Good morning sir my mobile name was lenovo k3 note I am facing the problem was when I am using my mobile continuously the blur was occurring in the corner of the screen wt can I do plz give me suggestion

  • Sir my mob signals are not good n I have a warranty upto June 29

    • there are 10 of my friends who have the same problem with lenovo k3 note, it is not having signal towers. Lenovo have a poor service center

  • My mobile was k3 note. I cannot use my mobile. But battery was discharged.

    • Lenovo are worst mobiles in the market . i had purchased k 3 note , within a few months phone could not catch the towers, there was no signals. Under warranty period the service center is not supporting, they want to earn money for the repairs. So they want to repair it out of warranty. They have damaged the power button.

  • My mobile is lennova 6000 plus screen is breaking plz…how much coast

  • Hi sir I am using Lenovo a7000 mobile I am facing a problem with this mobile it is getting too heat on the right side corner on the up.while I am talking or using Mobile net ,every time what is the problem of this mobile. Please solve it.

    • I'm also facing that problem…… My mobile is lenovo 6thousand plus…….

  • When I'm using. Internet my phone hanging n back to main screen. My phone became slow. Pls give me suggisation.

    • Hi Satish, take your mobile to nearest Asus mobile service center in Visakhapatnam and get it fixed

  • DER SIR.
    my lenovo a6000 mobile kepad donot work. what was the setting in mobile please send it.

    • Hi Kumar Sahu, switch OFF your mobile > remove your battery wait for some time and put it back > Turn ON mobile. Check if this solves your problem. If problem exists, I would recommend you to take your A6000 mobile to authorized Lenovo Mobile service center and get it serviced. This problem can be resolved in few hours, nothing to worry. Carry your bill and warranty card along with you to the service center.

      • In Visakhapatnam have worst Lenovo service center in ram Nagar area

      • Hi Santhosh Kumar i am working in HR manager in Visakhapatnam, Lenovo 6000+ pursed on January 2016, my cell working present Handset slow and Charging Nil, every day charging minim 5hours charge, and handset very hot, please kindly what solution my handset, upset my handset.

        • Hi Santhosh, your mobile is still under warranty period – utilize it. Take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed.

    • My mobile lenovo zuk z1 touch is not working plg inform the solution

      • Hi Venkataramana, take your mobile to nearest Lenovo authorized service center and get it fixed. Please carry your mobile bills and warranty card to claim the warranty.