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No Way to Cancel your JioPhone Prebooking

How to Cancel Pre Booked JioPhone?

and how to cancel pre booking of jio phone are some of the top searches after Jio updated the JioPhone Terms and Conditions. The launch of JioPhone was made so attractive by stating that the JioPhone is just Rs. 1500 (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only). Everyone fell for the price tag & the data options which Jio said will provide and started stating that this is one of the best offer’s one could ever imagine. Internet was flooded with positive posts saying JioPhone is ultimate, without being aware of the future happenings.
One fine day the PreBooking of JioPhone was opened up and customers were asked to pay Rs. 500 (Rupees Five Hundred Only) as pre booking charges. People still in unaware of the worst ‘Terms and Conditions’ started paying the amount and I’m one of the victims. I too fell for the fake media promotions and ended up paying Rs. 500 for prebooking the JioPhone. This is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in recent times. I got a confirmation SMS with an unique id for booking the JioPhone along with a Toll free number – 18008908900 and the message read like this:
“Congratulations. Prebooking of India ka smartphone JioPhone is successful. Payment of Rs. 500.00 has been received.
Transaction id: XXXXXXX
Voucher details:
Mobile Number: XXXXXXX
Count of Voucher(s): 1
Area Pincode: XXXXXXX
On availability of JioPhone, you will receive an SMS with store details. To know the status of your voucher, please call 18008908900 from the mobile number submitted during JioPhone booking”
A few days back Jio silently posted its Terms and Conditions, every good company when ever they change their Terms and Conditions they send an Email notification stating that check the updated t & c. Jio didn’t do that, which shows how careless they are about their customers. As I was browsing through Facebook, I came across a random blog which said Jio updated their terms and conditions – its the worse t & c ever.
As I was reading through the blog post, got to know if I proceed with buying the JioPhone I’m going to end up being their slave for 3 years which is 36 months. As they were saying in the launch meeting JioPhone + data is not just Rs. 1500, but you will end up spending Rs. 1500 (Refundable deposit) + Rs. 4500 in 3 years. And now to claim your refund of Rs. 1500 you should return your JioPhone “after the expiry of thirty six months but before the expiry of thirty nine months from the date of first issue of the JioPhone”.
The first thing which I did after reading all these worst Terms and Conditions, is Google search “How to Cancel Pre Booked JioPhone?” and to my surprise I couldn’t find even a single link. Neither the Jio website mentions anything about cancellation fo Prebooked JioPhone which is really bad.
Second thing I did is to contact Jio customer support team to enquire about cancellation of Pre Booked JioPhone. And the response was ‘You can’t cancel prebooked JioPhone”. When I asked them to give me a proper reason for not allowing a customer to cancel it, they couldn’t answer it. Instead of giving cancellation instructions they started asking me to bring Aadhar card to get the JioPhone and also mentioned to pay remaining Rs. 1000. Knowing this is waste of time, I jumped on to the third option.
Tweeted to @JioCare on Twitter asking them to give me the steps to cancel prebooked JioPhone. And the response was “Thanks for contacting us. Prebooked orders cannot be cancelled. We recommend that you gift the same to your(1/2) interested friends and family members – Shreyans(2/2)”
I was like > Why would I recommend a product to someone when I’m hating it to the core?
There are a bunch of T & C which are ready to tie your hands up if you buy JioPhone. If you don’t like their services and try to return it earlier you should pay them return charges. So its like you use or don’t use the JioPhone you are bound to pay them all these charges. Who ever gets the JioPhone are bound to obey Jio rules for 3 years, its trying to tie the customer hands.

JioPhone Terms and Conditions page:

Since I have already paid the amount for prebooking, I have three options in front of me:
JioPhone Scenario 1: Accept Loss of Rs. 500
Consider Rs. 500 wasted and forget about this JioPhone
JioPhone Scenario 2: No Gain / No Loss – I just get my five hundred back
As recommended by @JioCare with slight modifications – find some enemy of mine and gift it to recover my Rs. 500
JioPhone Scenario 3: End up losing Rs. 4500
Pay Rs. 1000 get the JioPhone + Pay Rs. 4500 over a period of 3 years (Rs. 1500 per year) and use the JioPhone by cursing it all time.
And finally get refundable amount of Rs. 1500 back after 3 years
Loss – Rs. 4500 + Endless disappointment everytime I pay money to recharge the JioPhone account.

What option do you recommend to me?

People who prebooked – if you find way to get your cash back from Jio let us know by commenting below, we will be so thankful to you for that.
And finally for guys who are thinking about prebooking JioPhone, never do it.


  • Why so much disturbed? When Jeo offered free service, we were all happy. It is get free psychology. Go to market. Buy one and get one free. Do not shift your responsibility on others . As you have made a choice, why so much noise. Businesses are not run on charity. Let us wait. If you do not like it you have option to return it or gift it. Rs 500 is not big amount to get out of ' Get Free' psychology. Meet a lawyer if you can do some thing legally.

    • Hi Nand Kishore, I never got a Jio Sim even though they were offering it free. Just got impressed with the marketing Gimmicks and fell for jiophone. Really regretting my decision now. Yea Rs. 500 is not a big deal but there are thousands of people who are trying to cancel the jiophone prebooking after reading their terms and conditions. So if you multiply Rs. 500 * 10000 (people) (numbers may increase) its a big number which jio is trying to loot. In past I had similar experience with their reliance broadband data card. Even after I stopped using the data card they kept charging me, and one fine day called me & said pay the pending amount else will file a case.

      • Really acceptable
        Looting educated customers….simple way to revenge creating more awareness to others not to buy this phone incredible conditions….. We have lot of social website to explore this nonsense

        • Yea Shiv, I created this post to bring that awareness. Jio is planning for a big loot

    • Thanks for the suggestion sir, but that's even more time waste for me. Instead let me spread out this scam on social media.

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